Creatures – Abstract EP [Flexout Audio]


There is no limit to the sheer depth of the dark and deep side of DnB; something Flexout Audio proves time and time again. Whether its minimal rollers, melancholic liquid, or slap heavy bangers, they continually deliver solid tunes which challenge and push the boundaries of the genre. Stepping up to the plate is Creatures, bringing his unique sound to the label with phenomenal results on the Abstract EP.

Pairing up with legends Ill Truth on “Abstract,” the tune begins with fuzzy soundscapes, a chattering hi-hat, and filtered bass kick until the very words abstract launch the song full force. With a bass line that vibrates you to the very core, the song rolls along with a subtle intensity. The sci-fi inspired samples that twitch and glitch throughout the song complement the myriad of samples/FX that come in and out of the track, making use of classic techy vibes fused with fresh advances in beat manipulation.

Every producer/DJ is always on the hunt – for new tracks, new sounds, new methods, etc. “Hunter” sets this perfectly to music; a driving rhythm paired with forward moving bass lines establish that feeling of always searching for something. The stabs of distortion samples and fast placed hi-hats reveal the way such minds are forever on the move, playing and analyzing with everything it comes across. The manner in which Creatures creates a constantly evolving atmosphere from so many interlocking layers only cements his reputation for originality and creativity.

“Boutique” is the last track on the release, a collab with Zound. Hypnotic swirls of bass and otherworldly sounds form the backdrop as the rhythm rises from the distance; that is until the bass suddenly drops as this roller kicks off. Deeply melodic and intensely minimal, everything here is finely balanced and makes this reveal the reason why the dark side of DnB has been gaining more and more traction. This tune exemplifies how this entire release takes full advantage of a huge sound system yet also contains the type of next level production headphone junkies crave.

Out now on Flexout Audio, this is a masterful release by Creatures, a relatively new talent who has quickly positioned himself among the elite in Dnb. Grab it for yourself today!!


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