Critical Presents: Binary Vol.21 – WAEYS [Critical Music]

by | Oct 11, 2020 | Tunes

One of the things that always gets me excited is Critical Music’s Binary series. With every release, Critical not only gives us phenomenal underground drum and bass from some of the most revered players in the game such as T<I and QZB, but also provides a way for the younger generation of producers to break into the scene. For the 21st release in the Binary Series, Critical has not slacked at all showcasing the magical workings of the young dutchman WAEYS.

Opening up the EP in spectacular fashion is Ephemeral. As the first track in the EP, Ephemeral takes up the mantle of the intro track in spectacular fashion. Starting with one simple ringing synth, the motif builds as more synths are added, painting a beautiful soundscape before suddenly fading to a single dissonant sound. Then the track builds up quickly and gets into the meat and potatoes of the track. With a steady comfortable beat and an almost 8-bit bass, this slow groover of a track drifts on perfectly ending with chilling organs that ring out.

Next up we have This Tune, and it is a memorable one for sure. With such a long introduction from Ephemeral, this track to get things to start. With a steady beat to bring us into the fold, the track is just a good ole stepper. Crisp drums and excellent balance between the drums and the synths this tracks rolls on with a perfect modulated bassline that gives this track a playful vibe. It’s one of those tunes that make you yell “THIS TUNE SLAPS”.

But if one track is going to cement WAEYS in your mind, Mist is going to be that track. With a very soulful jazzy start, this track blows expectations. The track weaves perfectly the organic and synthetic elements of drum and bass together in a jazzy way. Woven together is a beautiful fluttering synth with a funky guitar, giving the track a speedy jazz feel. Matched with this is the excellent fast-paced drums and chords pulls this tune into a gorgeous treat for your ears. The latter half of this track kicks this to 11 with pulsing tremolo filled synths and singing chords, pushing this track to new heights. This is the track that will make sure you never forget WAEYS for sure.

To close out the track, we get some filthy sounds with a collaboration with Was A Be. Getting things started with an intro that gets the pulse started, this track is just good deep neurofunk. With excellent drum work with a thumping kick that pulses and rolls perfectly with the subtle bass that lays to the groundwork for the track. The track just blends the crisp drums with a bass in a fast yet deep manner. A great way to close out the EP.

With the 21st volume of the Binary series, WAEYS has raised the bar for the rest of the series. This is one producer that you should be watching out for and helping getting his name well known through the drum and bass community. And the best way to do that is to make sure you snap this EP today!

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