Culprate, Malux, Billain & Posij – Glados EP

by | Aug 3, 2016 | Tunes

Coming from the modern day legends of sound design this is truly of a masterpiece of its time.
Culprate, Malux, Billain & Posij join forces for the “Glados” EP featuring tunes that are the sound track to the end of the world.

Modern day bass sculpting wizard Culprate starts off with a otherworldly halftime tune that knocks you out of your seat and onto the dancefloor. “Diablo VIP” starts off a dark and mysterious atmosphere and organic style percussion. A chopped vocal sample quickly cuts into chunky stab synths build up aggression soon to jump in the mix. “Diablo VIP” drops into a slew of industrial grade reese bass and inhumanely tight percussion. Its half time attitude and blend of incredible sound design make it the perfect weapon of any dance-floor.

Malux comes out swinging with yet another shoe throwing fireball of a tune.
“Rubix” is the type of tune that really carries ten ton might and pummels it through a speaker. With an intro of heavily layered dark and pungent soundscapes the midrange synth comes at you fully loaded ready to strike. “Rubix” drops into a sludgy heavyweight banger that comes full circle with the added full time percussion quickly evolving from its main sequence. Quickly showing how versatile his style is Malux continues to switch up the tunes main lead in the second drop with tyrannic synths that will tear your chest from your body.

Billain is next to step up on the “Glados” EP with his contribution “Specialist”
From the depths of the new earth colony comes the intro sound of this one.. Glitchy and remnant of a heavily broken radio transmission from the future comes spotty and focused light percussion ticks that lead you into another realm of what you thought was possible to achieve through sound. Breaking into a uprising gritty and bone chilling heavily processed saw synth comes a female vocal chanting that takes you to a more cult like cyberpunk world. Brilliantly scored percussion cracks the soundscape pitch shifting its way into the drop which features a chopped and thrown into a black hole sounding vocal sample. “Specialist” dives into the break with a heavy glitch filled half time stomper with visitations of otherworldly synths in between steps. Im not quite sure Billain is human at all after this one..

Last but not least in the slightest. Posij comes correct to the plate with his tune entitled “Killer”. “Killers” intro synths are remnant from a 80s arcade game straight out of hell. A drum line is wound up resulting in a break forming heavily vocalized robotic yawns that drop into a tight and steppy track that gets the dance moving in a heartbeat. The track is widely drawn out and has nice breathing room to get a deep groove on with. With the crashed snares echoing in the background this ones sure to get some naughty double – dropable action in the scene.

Overall this entire is quite the display of the modern day pinnacle of sound design in the electronic music in this current day. Inspected records continues its track record of nearly flawless releases and continues to push electronic music further every day thats passed. Big up Culprate, Malux, Billain & Posij for this awesome work and the boys at Terminal and Inspected records. ONWARD THE FUTURE!

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