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I was really excited to get sent this EP for review, and I got to tell you right now – It didn’t let me down at all. It’s pretty much one of the best neuro EP’s from the last couple of years. It’s got a huge array of technical prowess, some extreme sound design and cool quirky arrangements and most noticeable for me in particular was the production elements and song writing. Lets have a look at the combination of what German Tim Eliot and Austrian Marv Mylo have conjured up below.

Abyss – This tune just absolutely bangs. It’s a face melter, nan puncher, a goat juggler, a gnarly boot chucked at a DJ through the crowd…the list could go on. The intro is super cool and glides perfectly into the drop.  The sound is wide as hell, which was my first thought. The bass drum and snare piling through the centre of a crunchy landscape which is created by these huge rolling hills of bass tones, atmospheres, fxs and so on.. They have hit some high levels on the mix down here as the tune really surrounds you and It gives everything lots of space whilst keeping the heart of the tune driving through.

Aside from the producer love in, I think it’s important to note this tune is super catchy and bouncy and got lots of personality and I highly recommend you listen to this on a pair of very good headphones or a set of big speakers.  Your welcome

Knock Knock – This tune starts with a nice bit of drum progression over a little building synth work. It evolves into an atmospheric build into a lovely little luscious drop. It’s really clean and vibey with lots of technical work to encompass all the sounds. Everything builds well with these tight lovely drums and lots of movement. When the second section of the tune drops the drums really compliment a super funky bassline which drives the whole tune perfectly against the ever evolving synth work. The second build drops into a bit of 4×4 action and some swing like feel as we launch back into funky bass territory and the traditional drum patterning. There’s loads of vibe. I love proper neurofunk it just makes me want to dance.

Voltcount – The title track sounds already like it would be a darker affair than the last tune with a great atmospheric build up. It has a bit of a Bladerunner film type vibe popping as we clap into a dark roller of a tune with lots to offer. A deep heavy kick pounds through with a tight snare and some lovely cymbal percussion. The bass line is cooking. There is some apparent wideness in the tune yet again with lots of bass fills and lead sounds striking left, right, and everywhere incasing you in a cocoon of perfection. It’s probably my favourite tune on the EP, it sounds to me like how Pink Floyd would make drum n bass. Forever interesting sound design incorporating, great renditions of classic sounds and new things you have never heard before.

Tribal – This has a huge intro which is really musical and drops into such a heavy tune. It is probably the dirtiest tune on the album but still so clean in the production quality. The sounds are dense, dank, fluid and nasty as hell. The drums fit perfectly with this metallic sounding snare sounds chiming through the huge bass extravaganza of abandon. The synths are really well used throughout the tune to create lots of rhythm and shudder the speaker. The 2nd half of the tune is a little more experimental in feel and explores a few more paths before we end the tune. Overall it really cooks and I will destroy the club no doubt.

Oni – We have a little chopped vocal over some vocal style pads and a building almost Stranger things style backing track. There is a hint of the bassline coming through before we drop into a huge thing. This is quite SPL and Limewax in feel for me which is great as I was a big fan back in the day and It really resonated with me. The 2nd build is nice and choppy and interesting and shows off the cool production CV and Screamarts possess. I think the first section feels more natural but hey it’s like a little encore at the end of a gig. The drums really hold up high on this tune and are perhaps my favourite drum sound on the album. The bassline is gnarly as expected and the arrangement is pretty cool.

Overall this is a must have EP for anyone who likes neurofunk and tech sounding dnb. It’s fresh, cutting edge, with a great take on classic and experimental sound design. It’s a little gem. You can listen below

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