Current Value – Approximation [NEODIGITAL]

by | Sep 7, 2016 | Tunes

The man behind so many cutting edge tunes this year is showing no signs of stopping. Current Value with his roster of non stop releases and relentless sound has a new release on Neo Digital that is off the charts. Phace and Misanthrop’s imprint Neodigital has been pumping out some new classics of the neurofunk sound recently. With releases like this its no wonder why they hold the status that they do.

Current Value’s contribution to the new “Eurofunk” EP is not to be taken lightly. Starting of the tune with an atmosphere set on destruction CV’s signature percussion style starts a wicked line of drums that pierce through the soundscape. With the synths ascending into a dimension of pure technological sounds the percussion breaks and is met with tension leading up into the tunes drop. Approximation blasts into a fierce ripper of a tune its main synths are sharper then diamonds and demand respect. Gritty and precise reese bass emits pressure that can be felt in your chest from CV’s incredible sound design making his sonic range at the top of the class. The tune barrels into several switch ups of sequences and sends its listeners into a realm not of this earth.

Every time i hear a Current Value tune i question wether or not he is actually human. Im leaning towards the verdict of no. But we may never know if he is full cyborg or an integrated hybrid of technology. With how futuristic his sound design is he hasn’t got me fooled. Ive seen Blade Runner enough to spot one when i see one…. The Eurofunk EP is quintessential listening and a valid weapons cache for any DJ of the darker styles of Drum and bass. This ones out now on Neodigital Recordings at every fine online music retailer.

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