Current Value – Dead Communication (feat. DR & Lockjaw) [Invisible]

by | Dec 13, 2017 | Tunes

Current Value has had yet another incredible year of cutting edge releases dropping jaws all around the global circuit, and a busy live / Dj gigs taking him to the likes of the United States and the introduction of his CV/AV events. 2017 coming to a close the sound design surgeon has one more trick up his sleeve. This release showcases some of Tim’s versatile sounds and carefully arranged neuro-wizardry and is a cut of his upcoming LP on Invisible. This week we have Dead Communication under the xray glasses to shed some insight onto this track.

Dead Communication takes off creepily with sprawling and spaced out ambiance paired with female vocaloid styled vocals breathing life into the tune with the words ” Dead Communication ” in CV’s signature style of turning humans voices into cyborgs. The tracks percussion leads into a break before heading into a straight build up of tension before the drop. Dead Communication drops into its main sequence with extremely precise fills and a stepping abstract halftime feel throughout the majority of the first phrase. The second drop brings an explosion of full time power and aggression.

Overall this one for me is a no brainer and is a must have oddball tune in the bag this month! Keep an ear out for CV’s upcoming album! Will be large!


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