Current Value – Sacred [Blackout NL]

by | Mar 11, 2017 | Tunes

One of todays modern mysteries has long been shrouded in secrecy and clout. The questioning if one of Drum & Bass’s own big time prolific producers is actually human. In this day and age with the advancement of technology and artificial intelligence in the 21st century a lot of processes have been automated into the machine mind. Our subject in review today has been relentlessly releasing tunes the past couple years at a rate most men don’t even dare dream of. Current Value is wanted in 7 different galaxies for the manufacturing of sonic weaponry that has proven lethal in raves all across the universe. This time around he’s back on Blackout to deliver another cosmic payload of force. Sources at this time report Current Value being at least 66% Cyborg however we cannot confirm nor deny this statement. /// Starfleet. Engage.

” Sacred ” starts out its roll with stepping and swinging percussion matched to the tone of other worldly chanting. Small fills keep the tune refreshing as visions of an intergalactic holy figure can be imaged to the dystopic vocalizations heard in the background. The energy breaks into small drums leadings into dark and sifting bass’s that ┬ácut into the atmosphere. Sacred drops into a deep and hypnotic groove with effortlessly graceful leads and effects panning the soundscape for life. A sense of mystery is heard in the break before developing into the second drop with a tight switch up.

Another notch in Current Value’s belt marks this another excellent release worth listening to with his consistent ingenuity and progress in sound design and groove.


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