Cuture Shock – Pandemic [RAM]

by | Nov 30, 2016 | Tunes

The mighty Culture Shock steps in with RAM records once again for some huge dancefloor material just in time for all of those winter warehouses. In the current state of the electronic music scene theres few artists who have such a signature sound that you can listen to a few seconds of a tune and immediately know its them. Culture shock is one of those artists, bringing a consistent signature style to the table that is often times often imitated but never duplicated. His latest contribution to the drum and bass scene is no different.

Pandemic is a massive tune capable of erupting any dancefloor into madness. The tune starts with clicking and snapping aurally pleasing tones and a quick pop of percussion and plucking synths build intensity. Full time bass starts kicking in the background as otherworldly tones explode into a main lead heavy build up and break the tension dropping into a gravity free matrix of groove. Shivers are sent down your spine as the mesmerizing bassline takes control of your body riding a wave of euphoria and bliss as Culture Shock takes you on a ride. Strong cinematic and adventurous tones captivate your mind and take your through neon decorated streets with sleek and shiny metallic outers paint the picture of futuristic civilizations all throughout this tune.

Culture Shock remaining at the top of his class bringing timeless Drum and Bass to the masses once more. Legendary material out now on RAM Records.

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