Cyantific – Back Off [Viper]

by | Dec 14, 2016 | Tunes

The mastermind behind countless arena bangers is back on Viper Recordings once again with a slamming new single. Cyantific throughout the years has been a staple of dancefloor inspired drum and bass tunes, with countless releases on various imprints for around a decade you have heard is tunes resonate thru your bones while out in the club or at home. He’s stayed true to his sound with this latest on release on Viper Recordings once more with ” Back Off “.

The scene is Miami… 1987… Except its not quite right… The leather jacket clad villains have replaced there Ferrari’s with hovercars and clubs have been taken over by wretched cyber thugs. But Cyantific has something else in mind. Fighting thru the neon light streets of an otherworldly city comes electrifying synths remnant of the time period sending shivers down your spine. Gritty saws chew through the atmosphere of sound breaking up before the drop. A full slab of grime and sludge groove there way into your body as Cyantifics signature sound knocks the bad guys out for good.

Overall this is another staple tune from the Viper Camp. Versatile in nature you will be hearing this one around the club circuit this winter! Cyantific – Back Off is out now!

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