Cyantific – Fade Into The Night [VIPER]

by | Jul 5, 2017 | Tunes

The legend that is Cyantific is heating things up on Viper Reecordings once more with a slamming new single causing heatwaves around the globe. Cyantific has been bringing Neon lights and hot 80’s inspired synthy DNB to the scene for a little while now starting a trend for the sound. Cyantific keeps the quality high with each release and this one is no different! Brining big synths and vibrant vocals straight to the dance floor “Fade Into The Night” Deliver’s his signature sounds and keeps the energy rocking.

The tune starts out with growing pads and haltime drums setting a tone of white Testarossa’s and neon lights in the reflection of large sunglasses. The percussion elements bring you back to a cinematic trailers of yesteryear as the synths progressively build up tension and wind into a break in energy as a big diva vocal can be heard looping ” All night long “. The tune blasts onto the freeway up to the drop diving into a wave of euphoric and hair raising electrifying lead work filled to the brim with subtle effects and touches keeping the sound large. A thick and chugging bassline keeps the footwork locked down in the dance as Cyantifics sounds carry you away.

A tune perfect to set off any high paced set long into the night while being structured perfectly for ample amounts of double/ triple drop additions!

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