Cyantific feat. BMotion – Cyborg [VIPER]

by | Oct 22, 2017 | Tunes

Neon badman Cyantific & B.Motion are back in the hot seat of a Countach with the release of another adrenaline soaked single out on Viper Recordings. Cyantific has been one of the hottest names in the dance floor drum and bass scene in the past few years with countless anthems being shelled all around the globe with immense energy. This time around B.motion straps in for this combined effort of blockbuster theatrics.

Cyborg starts out with a low slung sweeping of bass as thick 80’s esque plucks come into the forefront of the soundscape. Explosive pulses of ecstasy come in the form of thick sweeping arpeggiations in the lead building up to an immense dispersion of energy in the form of gritty bass saws tearing away into the build of the drop clawing away at the tension before pummeling into a vocal ” CYBORG”. The tune drops with an array of serious firepower with the main leads tearing through the pavement and big bodied percussion annihilating everything in its path. Carefully programmed fills and breaks round the tune out before delving into the break.

This ones out now on the Viper Recordings

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