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Lockdown Recordings is bringing you four dangerously devious deep cuts from Cybin on the ‘Overlap EP’ which will be available to the masses on all major music outlets in just a few days time. Immeasurable darkness all around these are the kind of tracks to enforce a filthy vibe in the mix keeping the bass bins pumping and the crowd in motion with the hypnotic rhythms pummeling every which way in Cybin’s compositions, let’s take a closer look at what’s inside.

Opening up the EP is Kolectiv’s Remix of “Come Now”, one of the more up-tempo selections from the ‘Overlap EP’. Bouncing along “Come Now” is a straightforward composition but still a monster of a tune carrying immense technicality in the beats and breaks. Press play and keep it going you won’t want to miss the crazy half time bit after the break. Kolectiv’s take on Cybin’s “Come Now” is sure to bring some excitement to your set and kick the floor into motion with its bubbly rhythm.

“Floating Point” enters with an eerie and suspenseful intro kicking off with heavy atmospheric vibes. The intensity builds as a simple beat kicks up over a clean, deep bass: WOMP. Volleying between these big, bad bass drops and electrifying evil stabs the carnage is set to ensue at the drop as “Floating Point” cascades into the darkest depths of drum and bass. The rhythm holds steady as the bass jumps up and down octaves rolling along until a quick switch reanimates the big booms from the intro adding a burst of energy to the mix volleying between the womps and stabs furiously. “Floating Point” is a prime selection not to miss; it will captivate the crowd and suspend them in the darkness not to mention it is a whole lot of fun to play in the mix.

Cybin’s deep minimal roller and title track from this EP “Overlap” may not be flashy but it’s ultra thick and full with dark atmospheric elements to enhance the sinister vibe. The clean simplicity on the kicks creates a steady rhythm as the low vibrations echo to carry the tune. The bassline is downright constricting as it engulfs the dance floor wrapping them up in the lowest of frequencies almost a mutant force as flashy fills full of flare and nefarious effects complete “Overlap” flawlessly.

“Tribal Dub” exhibits a bit of jungle flare accompanied by a tranquil ethnic feeling making this track aptly titled as the tribal vibe is very prominent in this composition. Atmospheric pads and keys harmonize the entrance to “Tribal Dub” as a clean beat kicks to the drop. Cavernous basslines carry this tune to the lowest frequencies as small vocalizations enhance the wild vibe as “Tribal Dub” rolls through the thickets of the jungle. This is a great choice to accompany a dark set holding down that old school vibe with a fresh touch from Cybin.

You can pre-order your copy of Cybin’s ‘Overlap EP’ on Beatport today, set for release the 9th of March.

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