Cyntax & The Fi5th – Face Pound/Machines – Dirtbox Recordings

by | Oct 18, 2023 | Reviews, Spotlight, Tunes

I don’t even want to write an intro here if I’m honest and to be truthful, this man needs no introduction.  Here we have what could possibly be the last release from my friend Ollie aka Cyntax coming this Friday on Dirtbox Recordings.  

I’ve always found Cyntax’s tunes to be exactly what I’m looking for in a neurofunk tune.  Face/Nan Slapping drums, evil bass lines and melodic destruction.  Club bangers every step of the way and complete dance floor destroyers. 

When he first sent me Restricted all those years ago to see what I thought, I was in love with his sound and every release since then has been utter carnage.  This last one is no exception and now he’s teamed up with The Fi5th who I met recently and has been churning out the bangers himself.

First up is the solo effort from Cyntax – Face Pound.  And does it?  Yes it does, it leaves you a bloody mess.  The intro is typical Cyntax, bringing you a building intro that makes your head tip further and further back waiting for that drop to headbang properly.  This one has some disgusting bass sounds that just keep changing and keeping the interest flowing but not knowing which way your bass face is going to twist next.  As soon as this promo landed in my inbox, I messaged Cyntax right away expressing my delight for this utter banger.

Next up is the tune Cyntax has completed with The Fi5th.  This one has an atmospheric intro which then leads you to the filthiest reece before the drop.  When it drops it’s a real funky roller which is so progressive and awesome you cannot deny that this one is a touch of class.  Really well done lads, you’ve complimented each others styles on this one perfectly and it’s left us with such a great tune we can’t thank you enough.

So, if you hadn’t have guessed it, I’m highly recommending this release.  I will be playing these tunes for ages yet and I suggest you do the same.  I would go as far as to say it’s my release of the year.  

Click the artwork below to take you straight to the release, hear the clips below and get buying!  Release date is this Friday 20th October.  


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