Cyntax – Your Time is Now/Darkness Surrounding – VTO Records

by | Apr 28, 2023 | Reviews, Tunes

Well how do I start this off?  I met Cyntax in 2018 on a train on the way back from a Hospitality gig in London, spoke to him because I saw he had an Eatbrain hat on too.  We stayed in contact ever since, as you do in the Drum & Bass world and I learned that the guy is a phenomenal producer of some fine Neurofunk music.  Having had releases on Eatbain himself and Blackout, High Resistance and Korsakov it’s time for a new stonking release for him on VTO Records.  He’s gone from strength to strength although his abilities have always been top drawer and the guy knows how to make a banger that’s for sure!

So opening with Your Time is Now, you can immediately hear he knows how to produce an atmospheric intro to a tune.  I’m already impressed and I’m only 30 seconds in.  This carries right onto the drop of the tune where you get an evil little vocal saying “Your Time is Now” which then launches you into the beastly tune that Cyntax has dared conjour up for our listening pleasure.  Absolutely disgusting mate!  The second drop is equally as nasty with some seriously cool sampling in the background and the laser beams over the top of the driven beat which just turns you inside out.  Great job man, serious business.

Next up then we have Darkness Surrounding, this has a more driven intro that has got a an almost classic Black Sun Empire vibe to it, then the breakdown before the drop has a nasty reece which tickles you until the actual drop which consists of a really stimpy beat and that naughty little reece does more than tickle you, it punches you straight in the teeth.  

Cyntax – you know I love your style and I beg everyone else to get involved and hear what he has to offer so do not delay, rush to buy this NOW as it is released on Beatport today (28th April 2023)

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