The Cypher (50+ Hip Hop Drum & Bass Anthems) Mixed By dEEb

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Blessed with a solid friendship with @djlogo powered by @403dnb and @drumandbassexpress. Collectively we are able to present to you
a series of syncopated beats accompanied with an entire generation of music in one
massive mix containing over 50 Hip Hop Drum And Bass Mash-Ups. It was a pleasure to
do this again and I can’t thank everyone a part of this enough.

“Hi I’m Logo! I’m a Drum And Bass DJ From Calgary, Alberta. I’m a huge hip hop fan, and I like to make hip hop edits to throw into my DNB sets. This mix is a sort of compilation of some my favorites that I’ve done over the years, mixed by the one and only dEEb from Chicago! Hope you enjoy!” – Logo
DURATION: 2 Hours 23 Minutes 20 Seconds
01.| N.W.A., Snoop Dog feat. Evol Intent, Guv – Street Knowledge (403dnb Exclusive)
02.| Nate Dogg, Fabalous feat. Freeze – Hold That Thought (403dnb Exclusive)
03.| Jehst, Kryza, Klashnekoff feat. Klay – Get Used to It (403dnb Exclusive)
04.| Jay Z feat. Cino – Original (403dnb Exclusive)
05.| Wu Tang Clan feat. Pish Posh, Guv, Evol Intent – Spinning Method (403dnb
06.| Nas feat. Guv – Power Moves (403dnb Exclusive)
07.| Snoop Dogg, Dre feat. Young:G – Shantytown (403dnb Exclusive)
08.| Ashanti, Method Man feat. Bredren – Pestilence (403dnb Exclusive)
09.| Biggie, 2Pac feat. Mampi Swift, Serum, Coda – Jaws (403dnb Exclusive)
10.| Big Pun feat. Original Sin, Taxman – Seen (403dnb Exclusive)
11.| Ice Cube feat. Rowney – Nice It Up (403dnb Exclusive)
12.| Redman, Method Man feat. Agro – There’s More to It (403dnb Exclusive)
13.| Nelly feat. Survival – Dub Soldier (403dnb Exclusive)
14.| Black Ty, Method Man feat. RuffStuff, Friller, Nu:Elementz – Gatts (403dnb
15.| Ludacris feat. Dominator, Logan D – Giant Killer Bees (403dnb Exclusive)
16.| Ol’ Dirty Bastard, The Alkaholiks feat. Laktenstien – Lose It (403dnb
17.| Dre feat. Heist – Pillager (403dnb Exclusive)
18.| Jehst feat. Amoss – Crab Stance (403dnb Exclusive)
19.| Jamal feat. Turno, Decimal Bass – Guillotine (403dnb Exclusive)
20.| Mobb Deep feat. Hybris, Quadrant, Iris, D-Struct – Graphene (403dnb Exclusive)
21.| Wu Tang Clan feat. Turno – Gladiator (403dnb Exclusive)
22.| Wu Tang clan feat. Bredren – Expedit (403dnb Exclusive)
23.| Method Man, Redman feat. Philth, Mutated Forms – Split Personality (403dnb
24.| Scarface feat. Sly – 36 Times (403dnb Exclusive)
25.| Jay Z feat. Majistrate, Sub Zero – Idea (403dnb Exclusive)
26.| Jedi Mind Tricks feat. Dominator – Opposition (403dnb Exclusive)
27.| Mobb Deep feat. Profile, Nu:Elementz – Serious Shit (403dnb Exclusive)
28.| Ward 21, Dread Squad feat. Flat T – L Bass (403dnb Exclusive)
29.| Pete Rock, CL Smooth feat. Vicious Circle, Jubei – Cloacks & Daggers (403dnb Exclusive)
30.| Tribe Called Quest feat. Mutt – How I Used To (403dnb Exclusive)
31.| The Roots feat. Filthy Habits – The Unknown (403dnb Exclusive)
32.| Big L, 2Pac, Bigge feat. Break – Isis (403dnb Exclusive)
33.| N.W.A feat. Dominator, Logan D – Jump (403dnb Exclusive)
34.| G Unit, Fatman D feat. Dominator, Decimal Bass – Shot Dem (403dnb Exclusive)
35.| Nelly feat. Andy Pain, Z Connection – Examples (403dnb Exclusive)
36.| Nas feat. Protone, Roygreen – Big Foot (403dnb Exclusive)
37.| Big L feat. Thelem – Forces of Nature (403dnb Exclusive)
38.| Biggie feat. Ishe, Goretek – Badman (403dnb Exclusive)
39.| Nas feat. Kantyze – Marauders (403dnb Exclusive)
40.| Cutty Ranks feat. Hazard – Bricks Don’t Roll (403dnb Exclusive)
41.| Capleton feat. Majistrate – Pick ‘Em Out (403dnb Exclusive)
42.| Big L feat. Dominator – Not Ready (403dnb Exclusive)
43.| Das EFX feat. J:Kenzo – Ironclad (403dnb Exclusive)
44.| Biggie feat. Furi Anga, Survival, Seba – When Our World Is Jaded (403dnb Exclusive)
45.| Big L feat. Jam Thieves – Smoke Weed (403dnb Exclusive)
46.| Big L feat. Jaydan – Who Are You (403dnb Exclusive)
47.| Nas, Dirty Dike, Kool G Rap feat. Cino – Hold Back (403dnb Exclusive)
48.| Biggie, Method Man feat. Eazy, Dominator – Vengence (403dnb Exclusive)
49.| Biggie feat. Origin – Rancid (403dnb Exclusive)
50.| Biggie feat. Annix, Profile, Nu:Elementz – Killamanjaro (403dnb Exclusive)
51.| Biggie feat. Thelem – Get A Grip (403dnb Exclusive)
52.| Dre, Emeniem, Xzibit feat. Loxy, Resound – Conqueror X (403dnb Exclusive)
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