D-Audi – Y.T. [Inner Minds Recordings]

by | Dec 7, 2015 | Tunes

As a DJ, my style tends to lean more to the long blended mix then the quick in and out so its not a shocker that I am a sucker for a track that just keeps progressing and adding in layers and depth along the way. It would also not be surprising that is what drew me to the music of D-Audi. The fact he lives 5 blocks away from me was pretty cool as well, but that was a happy coincidence. Every thing I have heard come from him is up to date modern in sound and feel, but solidly planted in the history of drum and bass. You can tell from listening to his music that he has spent a quality amount of time listening to and understanding this amazing genre of music.

The title track of his YT EP now out on Inner Minds Recordings is a perfect example of this balance. Reverbed keys and gamelan sounds, a female vocal sample, team up with some heavy daunting piano/key stabs to set us up for the dirty bass that rolls this one out. Different atmospherics and edits are a plenty along the way in this one to keep you locked in all the way.

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