Damage Report – World Eater [Sub-Liminal]

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I feel as if enough time has passed to cover another Damage Report release. I mean the dudes been killing it lately especially with this latest release coming out on Sub-Liminal Records. With support from some of the biggest names in the scene right now, I’d laugh and even say some of the oldest. Dignitaries such as TC*, Hype, Logan D, ya know. Big supporters of the one like Agro’s homegrown imprint. I’d like to cut straight to the chase with this release, no gimmicks.


Why I like this tune off the release in particular. Because it’s really hard to do tunes like this without sounding stationary. Stationary drums was such a big deal late 2014, realistically 2013 because we all know how tunes get released these days. Played for six months followed up with a release four months later. Anyways, the shakers were shaking off that drop. Always a good sign. It’s so weird and wonky but it rolls and it works very well too. Damage Report, not one to do VIP’s but I think this one should get it. The synth alone on this gets the rewind for me. Haul & Pull fam.

World Eater

Coming in second on this four track release. With the fattest rolling bassline I’ve heard in the longest loaded with Dub Fx hits a little to close to home. I’m a little weak at the knees for lasers with bleeps and bloops. Top it off with a hearty bassline that didn’t seem to be going anywhere but forward consider me sold.

For the rest of the release down below, be sure to catch this release on Agro’s Sub-Liminal Recordings.

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