Darkitect – (Structure 16) Dystopia


The future is dystopian. This has been a common theme in drum and bass for decades now, from the use of sci-fi samples to the creation of tracks with insect-like sounds and robotic vibes. Breathing a breath of fresh air into this tradition is Los Angeles based producer/DJ Darkitect, label boss of High Order Drum and Bass.

His track Dystopia is a real tour de force, starting off with a disorienting collage of halftime beats and a foreboding sample. Atmospheric and ethereal, it creates a feeling of dread which explodes into a ferocious driving rhythm. This is dark drum and bass at its best, with a steady driving bassline that wobbles the brain while a haunting melody infects the eardrums. You might be tempted in thinking that it ends there; but it refuses to let up as the intensity builds to a fever pitch, decaying into an ending dominated by the sample.

An excellent track by Darkitect, it delves into the deep side of DnB while still being a dancefloor smasher. Grab the track today and help support this original talent!






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