Data 3 – Cellular EP


Anyone seeking that classic dark DnB sound with fresh elements, look no further. Data 3’s recent relase, Cellular EP, nails this no holds barred. Comprised of Harry Bryson (from Pola & Bryson), Dan Hartley (better known as Mark Dinimal), and Alex Kostyakov (of Syrum), it’s easy to understand how they have developed a unique sound. Being the architects of tracks which effortlessly combine the best of minimal and liquid DnB, you never know what you will get from a Data 3 mix set release. Cellular is one of the newest releases on the Flexout Audio label, and is the perfect home for a release filled with atmospheric rollers that challenge the dancefloor.

Cellular starts off the EP with a dark, synth driven atmosphere that peaks with the raw vocal delivery of Hijack MC. Using fierce beats along with a massively distorted bassline, Data 3 establishes the unique vibe of Cellular – one that is challenging aggressive beats peppered with elements of liquid production work.

Nikola continues the use of angular sounds and rhythms, starting and stopping and flinging the eardrums in every direction possible. The vocals are precisely lined up with the breaks, giving the feeling of surging forward with the tide of electricity that blasts through the speakers. Heavily distorted basslines force their way through the thick layers of sound, making this track an epic workout for all those technical freaks out there.

Changing pace, the clash of cymbals which immediately open Tric City set the stage for fast paced vibes that follow. The fusion of deep vocal lines, a relentless high end click, and the addictive throb of bass make this a track we all long to hear on the dancefloor. Using an ethereal synth driven melody and vocals to create a haunting break makes the second drop that much more savage, and solidifies the twisted beauty threading throughout the album.

Opening with the most infectious melody on the album, Biometric showcases the fusion of liquid and dark DnB in one neat little package. With a driving beat, technical yet sparse drumwork, and growling basslines swirl together to create something incredibly sinister yet instantly infectious at the same time. Getting lost in this track is far too easy; being in the middle of it, the track never seems to end nor do you even want it to.



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