Data 3 – Solar Space/Funk Bear [Soulvent Records]


Having a diverse and creative output is essential in the music world, and is a defining feature of the outfit known as Data 3. From dark minimal rollers to deep throbbing liquid and even work outside the boundaries of DnB, they have carved a signature sound that is both groundbreaking and in heavy rotation amongst DJ’s. With their release, Solar Space/Funk Bear on Soulvent Records, they continue in that vein and explore it even further.

“Solar Space” starts out with techy staggered drum beat that gets things rolling hard right out of the gate. In no time at all, your thoroughly hypnotized by the rhythm as the bass drags you deeper into the floor. With surreal atmospherics that swirl around endlessly, the track takes us on an engrossing journey through drum and bass outer regions.

“Funk Bear” goes even harder and darker than the last track. Armed with a razor sharp funk beat, the driving slap of the snare, and stabs of bass fuzz, the rhythm is an unstoppable juggernaut of pure force. Accentuated by the intricate pattern of the hat section coupled with the myriad layers of subtle FX, the track puts on full display Data 3’s prowess in production and ingenuity in sound design.

Lastly, we have a trek into the world of deep dubs with Data 3 as our guide on “Space Hamster.” The warbling tone of the bass permeates the track, making it an excellent backdrop for the rollicking drums and meandering FX that stagger and echo the soundscape. The tune is a masterpiece of simplicity and repetition, showcasing its effectiveness in creating dynamic music that is overwhelmingly addictive.

Challenging our minds and moving our bodies once again, Data 3 continues to chart new territory with their music. Don’t miss out and grab this release ASAP!!



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