Dawn Raid – Pitch Black [The Express]

by | Dec 28, 2016 | Tunes

One of the biggest Drum & Bass powerhouse camps currently is bringing you their second full feature EP featuring some of the hottest tracks in the scene right now. Drum and Bass Express is coming to the table with another quality release in the world of rolling drum and bass. The Manchester badman collective featuring some veteran heavy hitters brings versatility and consist banging releases one after the other. Represented on a handful of the top drum and bass labels in the scene right now Dawn Raid show no sign of stopping and keep a top notch track record of quality music. This time around for The Express Edition #2 is no different.

Pitch Black is their contribution to the EP starting out with a full time percussion line with oldschool atmospherics quickly finding themselves into the forefront of the soundscape with a classic vocal sample belting throughout the tune. A tight and responsive bassline billows into the deeper realms of existence into the drop with sharp and dangerous amen fills and percussion snips playing into the vintage-esque synth pads and vocals bringing solid pressure throughout the mix.

This is one of those tunes thats so versatile it can nearly be mixed with every style of D&B in the game rightnow making it a formidable weapon in any DJ’s crate and  on any dancefloor throughout the globe for that matter.     The Express Edition #2 is out now give it a listen for yourself!

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