DC Breaks – Never Stop [RAM]

by | Jul 21, 2016 | Tunes

The legendary duo known as DC Breaks bringing you a summertime smasher of a tune! Just in time for festivals across the globe DC Breaks proves once more they cannot be stopped at what they do best. With the entire scene working in overdrive with no signs of slowing down its tune like this that make you stop and realize how powerful drum and bass can be.

“Never Stop” starts out with striking piano chords that send shivers down your arms and positive energy into your heart. The vocal sample “dont stop loving you” builds into the mix as the vibrant piano and synths come into the foreground. The tune takes you full swing into a build that just puts you in that special, happy state of mind. “Never Stop” drops into a heavy grooving bassline that is sure to stir up everyone on the dance floor. The skillfully layered vocal samples and piano create an atmosphere of pure emotion and continues throughout the entire track.

In the drum and bass world its tunes like this that make me completely happy when i hear them. From the subway to rave this one will certainly be setting it off across the globe. Ram Records continues its tradition of unrelenting drum and bass.

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