DC Breaks & Prolix – Infinity [RAM]

by | Dec 21, 2016 | Tunes

From two of the biggest producers in the Drum & Bass scene at this very moment comes a collaboration of epic proportions with the capability to destroy planets.  DC Breaks and Prolix are two names you are most certainly familiar with at this point with a combination of over a decade producing some of the biggest anthems and smashers in the realm of dancefloor and neurofunk inspired D&B. Ram Records are no stranger to this caliber of weaponry featuring both of these artists over the years with hefty releases. Lets dive into the action packed thriller of a single.

Test Subject Project codename “Infinity” // Loading…. The tune starts with a winding grit fused lead ripping apart the vacuum of space to expose the airlock.  ” I AM INFINITY ” Can be heard as pulsating synths beat into forefront of the tune leading way to the chorus of chiming bells can be heard playfully building tension in the atmosphere and reinforcements of the same melody arrive pounding into track. Laser sharp leads come from an entirely new perspective and quick striking bass stabs break the silence billowing into a gravity defying drop. Infinity drops into into a sludgy and head rocking stomper as the percussion chips away at the dancefloor eventually pulverizing everything in its past to space dust. The tune breaks into a sci fi infused atmosphere remnant of a freshly destroyed planet in the far reaches of the galaxy..

The collaboration between the two heavyweight producers is certainly one for the books bringing some of the hardest hitting tunes for the winter season crushing dance floors. OUT NOW ON RAM RECORDINGS

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