Decades feat. MC Kryptomedic – Rotten + Remixes (Empire Recordings)

by | Aug 30, 2020 | Tunes

The money, the drugs, the sex, the power, corruption… Are some of the current world values adjectives and also a few rhymes for the american MC Kryptomedic who along with the Cz Neurofunk Duo Decade (formerly Malk and Psychical Research) present their latest release Rotten + Remixes. An Ep charged with 3 powerful bites coming out of Empire Recordings. A face melting label that has been gathering badass talents in eastern europe for a good time.

Decades feat. MC Kryptomedic – Rotten

The opening track is the original mix, a tough blend between funky roller drums and ear-splitting Reese Bass flavored with alien vibes. Charged with beat drifting vocals that criticize the way how the world is evolving in a rotten society. Aligned with an atomic build up that reveals the path to a brutal neurotic drop along an imponent horn blast. 

Decades feat. MC Kryptomedic – Rotten (Psynchro Remix)

For the second cut the amazing trio Psynchro states a powerful remix opening with dark wave pads and an uplifting arpeggiator taking you to an amazing broken beat drop (commonly seen in many tracks these days) that pushes forward to a smacked double bass kick that will make you bang your head.

Decades feat. MC Kryptomedic – Rotten (MEPH Remix)

On the last musical piece we find a remix courtesy of the Cz producer MEPH who always delivers a strong dose of face melting Neurofunk on his beats. For this occasion the voice fits so well on the intro that it brings a rush to start into the build up that without many fx takes you smoothly to a drop that will make you jump off your seat. Full of crawling bass lines that will bite your brain in every bar.

Nowadays Czech Republic has become one of the most notorious epicenters for Drum and Bass producers, labels, clubs and events. Hosting the world’s biggest festival in the game “Let it Roll” represents a lighthouse for it’s fans and everything that surrounds their culture.








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