Decimal Bass – Work For Nothing [Playaz]

by | Sep 30, 2015 | Tunes

When Noisia starts off their Noisia Radio podcast with your dub, you know you’ve come with some serious business. This week we focus on the Decimal Bass smasher ‘Work For Nothing’; a unreleased track forthcoming on Annix’s album “Forever”, due out on Playaz later this year. Making up one half of the production duo Annix, Decimal Bass is known for his raw synth work and in-your-face arrangements. This is a half time Jump Up heater that will surely be rinsed out by anyone who likes to melt dancefloors. To quote Thijs, “Fucking ridiculous. Decimal Bass, nice one.” Big ups to Mike, we can’t wait to smash this tune out!


Keep up with Decimal Bass on Soundcloud, Facebook (by way of Annix), and Twitter.

Watch out for more info on Annix’s album “Forever” on Playaz Recordings.

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