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That’s right bass heads. A forthcoming release by Wisconsin based producer, Decontrol, is set to annihilate the world of drum and bass. Fractal Records UK is set to release the nihilistic ep ‘Street Mentality‘ April 30th. Taken from the labels HQ in Leeds, England.

 “Fractal stands for hardcore, drum & bass, crossbreed, breakcore and sheer, unadulterated brutality in musical form. Based out of Leeds, Fractal have been ripping it up across the country over the last half a decade.”

Keeping standards and measurements up to par. Fractal will once again, come with sheer brutality for its 7th release. With three absolutely mind bending and pulse pounding tunes. Street Mentality is a deadly combination of  hood violence, west coast gangster rap, and horror movie reels. Stretched over an audio canvas like harvested flesh. Decontrol seamlessly fuses together hardcore, gabber, dark dnb, drum step and crossbreed styles.

His past releases have been tearing the roof off of such labels as :Mindocracy, Faction Digital, BigRiddim , Delta 9, Mobcore Chicago, ONSET AUDIO, Electronic Union, Warrior Drum, Techno Belligerent . Always giving us futuristic hybrid models of tech edged modern drum and bass. His style has comfortably laid itself upon the fringe of dark dance floor music.

There have always been elements of Scandinavian crossbreed, American gabber, and pitch black jungle in his productions. But this new EP is the apex of all of it, and its just straight nasty.



The title track ‘Street mentality‘ is a real ripper! Kicking the door in with sampling from Snoop Dogg‘s ‘Murder was the Case‘ , ill scratching patterns, and the deadliest ghetto horn. It continues the path that such influential tracks like the Evol Intent remix of ‘ Ghetto Style‘ and the Tech Itch remix of ‘California Curse‘ . Taking us into a realm of crushing drums, tearing bass lines, and head nodding accapellas from the NWA classic ‘Always into Sumtin‘ .

Then the last part of this tune is a drop off of a cliff into the heaviest of screeching synths, snare fills, and for real life gangster shit. This is not for the light hearted dnb fan looking for comfort on the dance floor . Its going to stir up a mosh pit unlike we’ve ever seen.

Simple Murda‘ is absolute filth. Combining heavy industrial with dark drum-step is exactly what we need right now. The tune is later focused on creating a neck breaking groove that is relentless. Chucking samples calling for murder at us with reckless abandonment. Joined by crust punk junglist battle cries. This is the perfect example of what crossbreed dnb is all about.

Labels like PRSPCT , Mindocrasy, Industrial Strength, and Deathchant have been dealing us this type of drug for decades now. But its always nice to get another dose of danger for an arsenal. This track is exactly that. Loud, heavy, dangerous, and pure murderation.


The third and final tune of this ep is ‘Shots from the Underground‘ . Tying this dark room together like a blood stained rug. This song is absolutely horrifying. It has a more subdued angst to it. Driving us into a more palatable from of dark neurofunk dnb, it still swerves in and out of the danger zone. Many of the same elements of hardcore rap sampling, drum hits, and heavy pounding bass are present. This one throws the hardcore airhorn into the oxygen, and demands authority.


I really dig this release. Right now, there simply isn’t enough hard edged drum and bass coming into the mainstream. Two decades ago, this style was coming from every label and big named producer out there. At the same time that sound seemed to have killed the koombyah vibe on the dance floor. People just stopped making it, releasing it, and consuming it. If anything about the last year has taught all of us. Its that there is still a place for extremely dark and pretty violent art.

Not every piece of music is created in favorable conditions where life is perfect and makes widely palatable art for everyone to enjoy. Not every release is produced sole to maximize the frequencies of speaker stacks at a festival. Or to get a cheeky nod from UKF or spot on the “who’s who” Beatport essential playlist.  This release is an acquired taste.

This release will not go over well on every dance floor with every junglist. For the legion of us who like our coffee as black as our souls. This is everything we’ve been waiting for. And it will shake all the pancakes off of all of the asses.


Here’s where to grab your copy and to keep up with all things Decontrol and Fractal.




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