dela Moon – Rough Protocol EP [Play Me]

by | Jan 21, 2023 | News

Returning to Play Me Records, west coast drum & bass artist dela Moon unleashes a full-frequency take on tech-driven drum and bass with her first 2023 release, Rough Protocol. An immersive ride into the electronic underworld, this four-track EP blends technical synths and basslines, theatrical breakdowns, and hair-raising drops into a electrifying and futuristic narrative that builds on dela’ Moon’s decades-long career as one of the underground bass scene’s most revered drum & bass DJs. With releases on Street Ritual, Muti Music, and a range of speciality labels across the United States in recent years, dela Moon continues on a roll with Rough Protocol’s three solo productions and special collaboration with LAbased producer Forin, teasing more of what is to come from dela Moon’s distinctive take on modern dance floor music in the year to come.

Rough Protocol

The first track of the self titled EP gets going fast. Shelling out punchy kicks and a clean snare. Bass phrases go back and forth setting a techy vibe. Clear mixdown is proper. Big vibes on this one!

Memory Error

This next track gives us an enticing intro. Building up with some drums and a kind of atmospheric bass together with a ghostly synth melody. Big bassline throughout coupled with supporting dirty mid-range bass drives the energy. A moody and groovy type of track.


An electrifying tune. The snare is snappy and slaps to the face. Eire intro build up to the drop. An upfront bass melody carries the rhythm. An acid sounding type of bass furthers the hype just before the break. The call and answer phrases are on point.

Control Flow

An immersive atmospheric journey. Reverbs on the synths create huge space in contrast to the clean drums. Techy yet somehow deep. A simply pleasant listening experience that entrances you to another world. It slowly but surely ramps up to speed. A drum and bass experience taking you through time and space.

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