Demo – Music Maker EP [Human Imprint]

by | Sep 18, 2022 | Tunes

We are sharing another banger EP today by Demo. An artist on Human Imprint that holds the record on the label as best-seller. Now offering up Music Maker EP. Witch holds two tracks that keeps the sound rough and tough. Demo is known for his classic release Ladies Night back in 2007. The track had become one played by headliners and support DJ’s alike since then. The Seattle native has shown us the skills in his production since as far back as 2004 and we hope to hear more dirty get downs in the future.

The first track on this EP starts with the self titled Music Maker. Beginning with spooky atmosphere and melody leading up to a female vocal. Followed up with grungy forward driving breaks. Filled with snappy snare after snare. Stabbing Klaxon reece hits before heavy rumbling bass at the drop. Accentuated break with more sound effects on time with the snares adds more to the energy. Furthered progression with squashy hits.

Next track featured is Run Them. Slowly rolling in a hyped intro with a hip-hop vocal sample and a manic break. Cutting off to another little build with some midrange Mentazm sounding melody right before the drop. Continuing through with the melody the furious break returns. Then coming in the next bar the midrange is swapped with a deeper hitting stank face bass.

This EP was released on the 9th available here for purchase and is sure to keep the fire burning.

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