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Whenever I see Ammunition I think it is safe to say I always make time to listen to the track. Local Florida boys pick up a very solid release from Washington DC Drum and Bass producer Des McMahon including the track “Hyperfocused”. This track is an awesome blend of the neurofunk styles that Ammo is known for, with some wonderful melodies and amazing fx thrown in. I love the attention to detail in every facet of this song as it is both beautifully composed, and brilliantly mixed down. If you get a chance, make sure to check this one out. Top notch material, and I will definitely be keeping my eyes out for Des n the future!

From Des McMahon

Washington D.C. based Des McMahon adds a unique blend of gunpowder and diesel fuel, as well as a small amount of binary liquid vapor under extreme pressure for the propellant. This results in an almost rocket-like effect on the projectile, increasing muzzle velocity and penetrative capabilities. We here at the Ammo camp affectionately call this round Hyperfocused. A good alternative to the Hyperfocused round is the Dragonfly round, which features the same propellant mix, but with more space between the projectile and the multi-propellant mix, as well as a slightly softer brass mix on the projectile, and pancakes quite nicely. Dragonfly is essentially a high velocity hollow point and is optimal for unarmored targets, but the stopping power and effectiveness can’t be beat.

Available February 23rd exclusively on Beatport
Worldwide: March 9th


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