Des McMahon & Kerry Leva – Out Of Time [Play Me Records]

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Des McMahon & Kerry Leva – Out Of Time [Play Me Records]

Welcome once again to more of the latest drum and bass! Introducing Des McMahon & Kerry Leva – Out Of Time [Play Me Records]. The captivating second single from Des McMahon’s highly anticipated debut album, Ethos. This track is a sonic tapestry woven together by elements of light and dark. It brings ethereal vocals and infectious melodies together. And collides them with haunting undertones and lyrics inspired by existential dread. McMahon and Leva have crafted what is sure to be one of the major standouts from  the new album, Ethos. This track represents a step into modern dark minimal drum and bass on the rise.

Des McMahon

He is renowned for his raw intensity and intricate approach to drum and bass. Des McMahon has carved out a notable presence in the dark drum and bass genre. And he is rooted in Philadelphia’s dynamic music scene. McMahon’s journey began with a deep-seated passion for the complexities of sound. This then propelled him towards the dark depths of drum and bass. Now his discography is marked by releases on Play Me Records, Viper Recordings, and Craze’s Slow Roast Records. Reflecting a relentless pursuit of sonic innovation.

Out Of Time released on April 12 across all platforms via Play Me Records. Find it here !

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