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Despersion’s debut album ‘Rave’ has landed on SLK Records blasting the drum and bass community off into a journey through time and space into another dimension entirely with one of the strongest drum and bass LP’s of 2023! Keeping the ‘funk’ in Neurofunk Despersion supplies banger after banger with consistency as they continue to refine their signature style of merciless melodies, roaring riffs and enough bass to literally send you into space ripping through track after track each beaming with a dynamic animation all its own. If you’re not familiar with this powerful pair of producers that is Despersion you’re about to get the full course today and if you do know then it’s time to initiate this mission so strap in and enjoy the ride through the ‘Rave LP’!


The atmosphere hangs thick as “Rave” buzzes in for a mystically mysterious journey as the tension builds forcing the rhythm into the mix. The vibe is vicious charging into the drop with a full on attack as “Rave” begins to immediately slay upon entry with punchy beats that fly at machine gun speed and a robust bassline to keep them down for the count! A fierce flip brings a hectic string of high end harmonies into the mix, bubbling as they froth and foam, bulging from the pressure, “Rave” is not for the faint of heart! The second drop is no less than a weapon of mass destruction for any heavy DNB DJ artillery as it annihilates with a beating of face melting bass while the beats whip and slash until every last body is on the floor and then “Rave” kicks up the heat even more! A masterfully artistic arrangement Despersion delivers one of the most technically sound energetic bangers to arrive this year, “Rave” is a MUST for all to hear!


“Oracle” shimmers into the mix, pulsing with anticipation, as the amens arise, volleying through a soulful vocalization and fragments of bass to quickly pull the room into the tune. The intensity increases with the melody building carrying a hint of a nostalgic dancefloor mood, the drop closing in to consume the room. Deep reece rolls with exhilaration amplifying the beautifully broken beats that keep the mix on the move, the vocal snippets adding volume and flavor bringing magic to the aesthetic. Despersion’s “Oracle” is an instant classic for a timeless pick to bring the warmth to the mix.


Galactic melodies blast into the build, stuttering flawlessly between bigger bursts of wildfire winding fiercely to the next phrase, pulling the thickness into the composition with powerful patterning as the kicks throb into the drop. A wild beast gallops into the mix with aggressive rhythms that flow full throttle over a bassline so vigorous it will trample the dance. An animated design pulls “Mustang” higher as it races relentlessly flipping and changing, a quick break offering barely enough time to breathe as the second drop zips in with a wicked bounce to ignite the dance in an all out frenzy on the floor. Another top shelf track from Despersion, “Mustang” emits ultimate energy into this Neuro banger; it’s time to giddyup and GO!


Warmth surges through the intro with thick pads resonating over a deep, rumbling burst of bass, the beats growing into the mix as a soothing melody increases the energy, mutating into a bubbly atmospheric groove to engulf the room winding into a “New Place” as the drop consumes the tune. Flawless beats flow with the fiery melody carrying the theme through the mix, punchy and clean with phenomenal fills and a zealous bassline steaming through. Feel good energy flows as Despersion blends upbeat, dance inducing elements upon a thick pillar of funk to reinforce the punch!


A moody build glides in on deep tones with an entity forming as it grows through electrifying basslines and aggressive beats that march maliciously into the mix. “With Hunt” carries on another colorful composition that twists and bends as it changes through the phrases, switching new patterns and elements with meticulous placement for the ultimate effect. A beast of a tune “Witch Hunt” will mesmerize the room as it rages ruthlessly through the mix. Despersion is cranking out hit after hit!


A soft melody engulfed in a low, warm, glow supplies a gentle motion through “Tonight” as an enchanting verse caresses the flow with a blanket of bubbling beats below. Tumbling into the drop an energetic arrangement awaits, the vocals sliced and diced into a peppy pounce stuttering through as the bass roars, sprawling beneath, melding with the groove. The melody rides keeping the vibe high with a powerful undertone that will keep the mix elevated as the dance cascades to new heights. “Tonight” is a bouncing ballad that devours the dance with style and class.


“Lost Mind” creeps in playfully amidst atmospheric melodies, progressive beats and slivers of bass cumulating full force into an unexpected dubby drop. Broken and banging “Lost Mind” offers a down tempo groove to dominate the mix with its brutal twist. Pushing the boundaries to the peak Despersion and Villified are shaking up the scene and “Lost Mind” delivers something fresh and clean!


A heart racing intro immerses the mix as the vocals flood stylishly in. A saucy verse sauntering as earth shattering basslines break the mood surging through, the rhythm beginning to rage as “Giving Up” peaks and the drop takes center stage. The vocal rejoins the mix with swinging riffs bringing style in the blend. “Giving Up” supplies a soulful splash into any set with a clever combination of musical elements as Despersion takes drum and bass to the next level once again!


An alluring melody cozily caresses the build veering into a voluptuous verse that sprawls seamlessly into the drop. An upbeat design devours the mix as “Desire” unfolds, gripping the dance with bouncy beats carrying the melody through creative basslines that amplify the energy with a powerful punch that slides the neuro vibe in crossing sub genres for an evolutionary sound to make the bins pound. “Desire” is a delicious blend of drum and bass to elevate the pace!


Frosty pads echo with ample spacing to engulf the mood when the beat kicks in sparkling with a bubbly motion that cascades into an icy sweet vocalization to entertain the mix. The composition continues to thicken as “December” avalanches into the drop. Warm, electrifying basslines support a barrage of beat patterns, the highs fizzing through with their own groove as the vocal samples twist delicately through engulfing the mood. A classic from the collection Despersion’s “December” will keep the fire burning even on the most frigid days of the year.


“Distemper” twinkles in on spiraling highs as the anticipation grows with a soothing groove, the kicks starting to pop expanding into a beefy beat as the drop prepares to consume the room. Winding melodies weave through snappy beats and voluminous basslines as “Distemper” continues to brood, whipping and snapping pulling extra effects to amp up the mix. The break illuminates the beats with a bit of an amen groove sprinkled in delaying the second drop for extra oomph as Despersion merge and blend bass music elements in the most powerful fashion.


Villified comes back to collab on the ‘Rave LP’ with Despersion once again on “100”. Sweeping in with silky melodies and wispy whispers of vocalizations the drop approaches apprehensively reach for the switch! A grinding halftime groove ensues with a steppy momentum riding in the rhythm as the bass wobbles strutting through enticing the floor into an entirely new groove.

Despersion’s ‘Rave LP’ is available now to buy or stream. CLICK HERE


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