Despersion ‘Starship EP’ [Eatbrain]


Despersion has been pummeling through 2021 at full steam. Heavy hitters in the drum and bass world Despersion’s tracks bite straight to the core, technical and tight with killer compositions to pound the bins and rile up the dance floor. Levelling up once more Despersion brings some extra heat to their Eatbrain debut with the ‘Starship EP’ launching this Friday and it has some of the nastiest neurofunk we have heard so far this year. Time to check out the track list!

The first peek of the EP is up and “Shield” is a dangerously smooth masterpiece of new aged neurofunk. A colorful build plays upon synths and pads that are illuminated spaciously as the beats penetrate the composition amplifying the energy in a powerful approach to the drop as it buzzes and builds with fury. The drop brings carnage to the floor as neuro vibes control the composition allowing the melody to meld between beats which are forcefully punchy and clean. The bassline buzzes beneath and a quick switch to the production brings more bounce to the blend. With extreme attention to detail Despersion’s “Shield” is technically solid overflowing with rabid beats and a naughty bassline. This is next level neurofunk beginning to end.

Get ready for the biggest banger you’ll hear this year as “Starship” explodes into the scene with maximum power and more energy than can be contained. An animated intro pulses through the measures with edgy concepts and cosmic inspired effects charging up for the ultimate launch. The anticipation increases even more as the highs run relentlessly conjuring explosive exuberance into the mix. The kicks pound in countdown to blast off, the suspense is through the roof as “Starship” detonates! The stamina in this build fully supports the drop as the elements continue to drive through and the track erupts into a barrage of galactic inspired drum and bass firing rapidly as the highs spin a new twist engineering even more vigor into the mix. Meticulously composed beat patterns slam wicked fills between drum rolls and mind bending breaks shattering every which way, deranged and insane, in this ultimate powerhouse track bursting with ENERGY as the bass punches in perfect unison. Round two will be dropping bodies on the floor as the battle ensues once more. Amped up even more the aggression flows through “Starship” blasting the mix into another dimension entirely bringing the floor to a full bounce that won’t stop. Personally my top track of 2021 this one is going to be hard to beat; Despersion is light years ahead of the game with “Starship” it’ll make you lose your mind every time!!

Despersion and Krot come together to wrap up the release creating a deep and dramatic production with their collaboration on the ‘Starship EP’; “Seems So Far Away”. Dark tones overpower, creeping through the build in sullen strides as an agitated melody springs to life restlessly ravaging toward the drop pulsing on the highs as solemn beats blaze beneath. An ultra funky bassline commands control at the drop as it grooves and bends between the mystifying melodies controlling the composition with heart racing emotion. “Seems So Far Away” continues to flip and reform incorporating new elements into the spotlight of the track. Fluid but deadly Despersion and Krot make exceptional use of atmospheric elements to tie everything together in this drum and bass hybrid that’s a technical dream.

Pre-Order your copy of Despersion’s ‘Starship EP’ out this Friday on Eatbrain.




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