Despersion ‘Wake Up EP’ [High Resistance Recordings]


Just because the year is coming to an end doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of banging tunes still surfacing such as the ‘Wake Up EP’ on High Resistance Recordings on the way from Despersion; proving some of the best tunes still come to those who wait.

Title track from the EP “Wake Up” sets the tone for this release in a profound way. Slinking in on high end percussive elements that entice the vibe the bass growls in the distance as soft vocalizations echo over the rhythm. Elastic effects ping pong through the build snapping, reporting and retaliating as spine tingling samples peek in and out of the composition over an intensifying beat. Insanity at the drop as “Wake Up” pounds furiously, calling the floor to immediate action whether they’re on the couch at home or in the club this tune will bring them to their feet. Elasticity in the bass line twists and turns between deep drops pummeling through manic highs, fearless effects and impressively composed beat patterns. The vocal sample reappears riding through the measure to really amp it up. Despersion has created a neurofunk dancefloor monster with “Wake Up” you are not going to want to miss this!

2Whales comes to collab with Despersion on the next selection from the EP titled “Freefall” for a double dose of danger to bring damage to the dance floor. Warm synths lead in building the atmosphere in the composition to introduce a mysterious masculine vocal with a deep and passionate message. Building suspense in pursuit of the drop the beat amplifies stalking the serenade with intensity, winding tighter ready to roar. Teeming with heavy alternative rock influences shining through the drop consumes creating mass hysteria as thrashing instrumentals enhance the clean, solid beat that shines pristine as the robust bass wallops along. Despersion and 2Whales utilize variance in measures snapping between the powerhouse beats and captivating vocals to create a dynamic composition that hits hard in every way possible. “Freefall” would have been at the top of the list for my ‘Tantalizing Vocal Tracks of 2020’  review last week and will be sure to find its way to the top of the list in many DJ crates as well, no doubt.

To wrap up the ‘Wake UP EP’ Despersion and Tesla Coil combine forces to create “My Eyes”, a melancholy conclusion that packs a mighty punch to the saga of this spine tingling EP. A familiar vocal outstretched through the intro invokes heavy emotion that is amplified with every note. The powerhouse drop is a dynamic symphony of the most dangerous drum and bass out there today as heavy amens pound aggressively; the severely severed beats are thick but clean. There is some seriously impressive production going on here. The bassline holds the moody tone engulfing the lows as swirling ambience in the effects completes the composition. Another dose of the verse sends “My Eyes” straight off the edge; it really doesn’t get more intense than this!

The ‘Wake Up EP’ from Despersion is coming soon on High Resistance Recordings.

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