“Destiny” by FAVA – A Review

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I think that one thing we can probably all agree on in regard to the pandemic, specifically the global lockdown that occurred during the early days, was that it gave us time to just simply be. To sit with ourselves, however forced it felt, and to give time and attention to those things that we kept putting off until “someday,” as we are typically so caught up in the everyday grind. No matter how dark and uncertain that time in our lives felt, I have seen some amazing things come out of it – for both myself, personally, and many others I know. It was during this time of solitude that Phil Fava found his inspiration and desire to write some new music, being especially inspired during his walks through the Black Forest, an infamous forested mountain range in southwest Germany, where Fava calls “home.”

During that time, Fava wrote close to fifty songs, many for his band No Authority (a German ska punk band, which he headlines), but also many Drum & Bass styled tunes as well. “It was weird in the beginning, but I could make use of the time given, and got into the zone and wrote from my heart,” Phil recalled, while discussing his utilization of that time spent in lockdown. After he was satisfied with the finished pieces of music, it was then time to see where it all would end up, spending time reworking some of the individual tracks, when he felt necessary, and sending the Drum & Bass styled pieces out to numerous record labels. One of these labels was the renowned V Recordings, who advised that they wanted to release an EP of Fava’s newest work. Once the tracks that would be featured on Fava’s EP with V Recordings, Mr. Junglist Man, were settled upon, Fava had to decide what to do with the rest of his newly written music. That is when he decided that these other tunes simply had to be heard, and that he would do so by releasing them on an EP with his own label, Beatilistics. Beatilistics was established in 2007, and Fava has run the label alongside Freiburg’s soulful Enea since 2011. Destiny will be Fava’s first solo release on his label, a moment that is no less than extraordinary for him.

Destiny, the upcoming five-track EP, has been a deeply personal project for Fava, who garners the majority of his inspiration for music writing from his own feelings and experiences. Many of his releases have an autobiographical feel to them, with emotion shining through the beats and lyrics. The EP comes straight from this hopeless romantic songwriter’s soul, while showcasing his immense musical versatility. In addition to some personal experiences, Fava advised that he also gets his inspiration for music writing from sources such as the world’s political landscapes and tribulations, from being in nature (as previously mentioned), and from things that happen and are encountered in everyday life. “Inspiration lies in the streets, literally, you just have to go out there and see what’s going on,” he added. 

“Destiny,” starts the listener out on the emotional journey which the EP provides. Described by Fava as the most intimate song he has ever written, this track features the inimitable, melodic touches of Muffler, the Finnish Drum & Bass legend, who added his trademark trancey style to Fava’s extremely personal lyrics. Fava was quick to recognize that this was to be the title track of the EP, as well as the first single released. The track immediately touches the soul of the listener, while putting out the message that you must always press on, keep going, despite the circumstances dealt by life. The message also comes through in the video that was recently released for “Destiny,” which features footage shot by Fava himself while biking through the majestic Alps. When filming the footage, he did not know exactly what he was going to use it for, but then realized how perfectly it fit with the title track (check out the video for “Destiny,” linked at the top of this article).

The remaining four tracks of the EP are no less magical. “Midnight,” featuring the Japanese artist Mountain, who lends his unique talent and musical approach to this 80s Synth-Pop influenced tune,  presents with ethereal lyrics and bassline. There truly is no better word to describe this rock-bass driven song, characterized by its harmonized arrangement of vocals, than “heavenly.”  “Alone in the Dark,” the third track from the Destiny EP, features The Green Man, founder of Basswerk Records out of Germany. Slowing things down, this more melancholic tune features atmospheric sounds, combined with Fava’s smooth vocals, giving an almost haunting listening experience and setting the stage for the EP’s fourth track. ”Sarah,” Phil stated, which features Smote from Slovakia and the very talented British vocalist Becca Jane Grey,  is “probably the most meaningful song I’ve ever written, with the saddest background story.” It is a soul-touching, piano-based liquid roller, which features a long, acoustic drum introduction. “Sarah” is filled with beautiful lyrics, clearly written with intense feeling and emotion, sung by the outstanding German vocalist himself. A true standout of the Destiny EP. “Green Velvet” (featuring the legendary Enea) closes out this sublime compilation of music. This track takes you even deeper, with its diaphanous melody and enchanting vocals. The soulful tune leaves the listener feeling almost as if they are floating amongst the warm bassline and distinctive drums. 

There is something extremely special about the music that comes from Fava – every word and every note of it is written straight from the heart. In a world where we are given so much new music, so quickly, it is nothing less than refreshing to listen to a piece that you know came from a place of sincerity and passion, two qualities that he puts into everything – both musical and otherwise – that he pursues. Destiny is set to be released on the 2nd of December, 2022, and will be presented on a gorgeous, sparkling green vinyl, the tenth vinyl release on Beatilistics. You will be able to purchase Destiny through the Beatalistics Bandcamp, starting on its release date. 


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