Dexcell Ft. Charli Brix – Sins (Spearhead)

by | Mar 26, 2017 | Tunes

Dexcell returns to Spearhead with their brand new LP – Under The Blue. This is the first track premiered from the – “Sins”, is an absolute soul quencher. The initial drop brings you the feels of a classic liquid jungle track with it they present a perfect melody with the vocals that come in top notch, practically melting you away in the progression.

The bass rolls in slowly at about 22 seconds in before being fully blasted with the overwhelming power of the sweet melody of Charli Brix. One of the best aspects of this particular track is the double layering of the vocals though out the entirety, but you don’t actually get the full feeling of the power until the second drop.

Overall I’ve heard about 4-5 tracks off of the new LP, and by far this is my favorite. The vibrant liquid jungle drums, the melody of the piano cooked together with the vocals leave you with a settle, but addictive track. You can absolutely put this one on repeat, and it will be a great toss up inside of a set for either a mood changer or closer. This will be stuck on my mind for a long time. Bone chilling good.

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