Dieselboy : Destroyer II : Extinction Event

by | Dec 26, 2016 | Mixes, Spotlight

The American drum and bass messiah himself, Dieselboy is back at it again with a fittingly seasonal gift in the form of an unholy selection of tracks that upon first listen will indefinitely put you on the naughty list for years to come. ‘The Destroyer II’ is for the seasoned drum and bass head, weekend raver and Mad Max warrior alike. If you happen to live in the Thunderdome or any other dystopian future scene, you will feel right at home as New York based career Drum and Bass DJ, Damian Higgins aka ‘Dieselboy’ takes you on a science fiction themed journey through the wreckage-laden streets of the music industry, aptly titled as “Extinction Event”. Dieselboy never disappoints with originality, and this expansive mix boasts a 5 page word document file for a T/L. The aforementioned track list delivers in spades, and certainly piles on the anthems, exclusives and teased bonus mixes. Amidst the exclusive dub plates, pressurized technical mixing and bespoke fader switches you would be lucky to find the spare time to blink. We suggest listening at an exceptional volume in full cooperation with local noise ordinances unless you reside in a nuclear fallout bunker or perhaps are sharing a duplex with the remaining members of MINISTRY. Fair warning, if you have heart conditions or have never experienced total apocalyptic techno-infused sodomy of the ear canal, consult your physician before listening.

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