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2021 is well underway and we are about to get a full dose of unmatched power from quite arguably the best in DnB; A.M.C! Earning the title of Best DJ in the Drum & Bass Arena Awards two years running this powerhouse performer and producer has our full attention. Following up a uncharacteristically slow year of releases on his label Titan Records, A.M.C is ready to unleash the fury with massive remixes, a major album and so much more. Let’s see what DnB’s favorite DJ has in store as he emerges from lockdown stronger than ever.

Last year was a whirlwind for the entire scene. How intensely did lockdown affect you personally? What was the thought process and strategy behind releasing material, or not, during a pandemic?

I think it had just as much as a bad affect on me as it did with everyone else. It began mostly with uncertainty as we didn’t know when or if things would come back. That’s kind of why to begin with we delayed releases but as we started to know how the pandemic was panning out we started to release things again. To be honest I wish we had never stalled the releases as it put my VOID LP backs few months.

We did see some VIPS from ‘Energy’ last year and now turning over to 2021 we have come upon the remixes which are mind blowing with some major artists in the mix. How long were those in the works? What is your process when selecting artists to remix your work? Has anyone ever come to you with an idea, current or past, that blew your mind beyond expectations?

I wish I had a really great answer to that question but the majority of the remixes for the Energy LP were “remix swaps”. Either I’ve already done one for the artists on there or I’m working on one for them. It’s quite common to do it this way as it keeps things simple for reporting. The guys that did the remixes though smashed it! I couldn’t have been happier.

Let’s talk about the new album a bit. I’ve seen you confirm tracks like “Operator”, what else can we expect from this release? Do you have a tentative idea for a release date?

There will be 5 singles coming out prior to the LP. First will be Eject followed by Operator starting late April. We’re just finalizing all the small bits but it’s almost ready to go 🙂

I love how in your DJ sets you hit a wide range of the spectrum between old school and modern day sounds, riding all of the sub genres in between. When you are writing do you consider how your tracks might fit in the mix to enhance those vibes? We hear a lot of those influences in your production as well but you still maintain that distinct ‘A.M.C’ sound; take us through the evolution of your writing process a bit.

My secret is I write music over the top of others. I’ll explain… say I’ve got a tune in my set I love but I cannot find any tune to work with it in a mix or the mix I have been doing is starting to get old. What I’ll do is take the tune I love, put it in a project, low cut the bass out and then write an entirely new track around it. Makes it fun and also you know exactly what to do with it in the mix because now you have complete control.

How did the pandemic help or hinder the process of working on an album? Was more studio time helpful to work on your sound design or did it stifle your creative process not being able to test new material? What did you do to keep yourself motivated in the process?

Honestly, the pandemic has destroyed my ability to write music. 99% of all tunes I write I make to play to crowds of people. When I don’t have those crowds I don’t quite know what to write. It’s been really tough but I think I’m working out a new way of working.

You threw down a few live streams over the past year including that insane 6 deck set and the Digging Deep Vinyl special. How was the vibe playing on the stream versus the real rave? On one hand there was no live audience but you were also reaching people worldwide who may never have an opportunity to see you perform. What was that like for you as an artist? Would you continue to do occasional live streams to connect with that fan base? Everyone wants more A.M.C!!!

I’m super glad everyone enjoyed them. I’m kinda used to the stream aspect as I started my career on D&BTV many many years ago. The amount of work that goes into the live streams I’ve done so far is insane. I’ve had to learn how to set cameras up, lighting rigs, back drops, grades, new programs etc. and that’s not to mention when there’s an external person working on the animation like the UKF 6 Deck Set. So if things did go back to normal with raves I think I’d leave the streams alone for quite a while haha.

How do you balance time between dj’ing and producing/running the label? How many hours do you practice, on average, per week to maintain the Best DJ status 2 years running?

In short, not very well 😂. I find it hard to get the time to do everything so I focus on one for a week and then switch. I don’t really practice if I’m honest, or at least I don’t class it as practicing. It’s more having fun playing music I love, it’s good from a mental stand point to do this.

What changes do you think we’ll see to the scene as we emerge from lockdown? How eager are you to get back to playing events?

Very eager. I’m 100% more of a dj than a producer so this no shows thing has wounded me a lot. I think there’s going to be some incredible new talent emerging out of nowhere after this.

What track (or mix) are you most excited to play for a big crowd?

Wow so many! I can’t choose just one lol.

The Digging Deep Stories series has been an interesting insight into some of your classic selections; we know it’s building up to something big any spoilers on what that might be? 

The Digging Deep 2 Hour Special! I can’t wait 🙂

Anything else you’d like to share with our audience feel free to add that here:

Can’t wait to see you all again. ❤️

Thank you so much for your time once again. We here at Best Drum and Bass can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings for A.M.C!

Keep it locked to Best Drum and Bass I’ll be keeping you up to date on the happenings of A.M.C’S VOID LP starting with those singles we can expect to see soon.

Be sure to catch the 2 hour Digging Deep Special TODAY on D&BTV!

A.M.C will take us on an intense journey through drum and bass you won’t want to miss!


In the meantime check this out! All the latest remixes from ‘Energy’ featuring Drumsound and Bassline Smith, Teddy Killerz, Redpill, and Turno!  Grab your copies now on Beatport  or BandCamp.

ENERGY REMIXES [Titan Records]

“Gotham” (Drumsound and Bassline Smith Remix)
“Nitro” (Teddy Killerz Remix)
“Energy” (Redpill Remix)
“Mind the Gap” (Turno Remix)

The latest single with Turno just dropped as well. It’s going to be a great year!

A.M.C & Turno “Voyage” [Time Is Now]




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