Digital and Drum Cypha – Brain Damage [NexGen]

by | May 30, 2016 | Tunes

In my life I have learned a few key things. You get more fly’s with honey then vinegar, saying please and thank you is a always a good idea, pair high fat content proteins with big and bold tannic wines for a good meal, and more often then not, keeping it simple and using quality ingredients will take you a long way. A perfect example of this last point is evident in the Brain Damage EP from Digital on Nexgen Records.

With releases on seminal labels such as Reinforced, Metelheadz & Exit, Digital has done it all. One of the keys to his success in my opinion is his ability to convey any mood and his trademark sound in a straightforward manner. He always uses a great breakbeat, heavy dubby bass, and synths that always seem to make their way in drum and bass’s vocabulary in an iconic way. Waterhouse Dub and Deadline are two names that come to mind as examples of this. The good news is he kept this formula in tact for the title track of the EP. He is joined by Drum Cypha and they do not waste anytime getting down to business. This one leads off with a punchy stepper break that is soon joined by a high passed Amen break to pick up the pace even more. Shortly after that a series of short two sub bass stabs grabs your attention and wets your appetite for what is to come. Up next the filtered, distorted, fuzzed out synth bass line makes it way in and sets the whole track off. Slowly more delay is added and you are swimming elbows deep in this funky, dubby, skanking track.

Be sure to check out the other two tracks on the EP that feature his remix of Rob Sparx’s song “Jah” which finds Digital in his natural element. “Let Them Live” is a slightly left field break beat exploration which he loves to explore and does so with ease and funk.

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