Digital and Villem – Bug Eye [Function Records UK]

by | Mar 14, 2016 | Tunes

The mighty and prolific Digital is back at it again with another LP. This one is in four parts and is made up of all collaboration’s with other artists, and in totals sixteen songs altogether. The inspiration behind the album was for Digital to travel and to work in person with each artist and let the interaction and reaction to working in person with each artist be a contributing factor to each song as opposed to just emailing stems back and forth and being insulated from the collaborative experience. In Digitals words on the album ““I’d much prefer to get a vibe off in the studio personally and the results feel more authentic, more real when you’re in the studio together. And as a result of working on this album, I feel that we’ve formed a collective of sorts that is larger than this project.”

One of my personal favorites from the album is the tune he did with Villem entitled “Bug Eye”. It has a classic step break, pounding yet funky bass, and drum edits that create that groove/pocket within the song. Add in a phantasm sound and I am in 100%!!! This is a perfect example of using straightforward elements, not over doing it and over producing. Straight up vibes and groove all the way through. Every track on this album is pretty damn good in its own way and I highly suggest you picking up the whole damn album!

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