Dimension – Raver / Techno [Dimension]

by | Apr 19, 2018 | Tunes

When London-based Robert Etheridge A.K.A. Dimension isn’t busy kicking ass in the UK drum & bass scene, his influence has been spreading across the pond with the release of his new E.P. titled Techno / Raver. Aside from his past chart achievements, Dimension is about to put another #1 spot on the books since “Techno” recently reached the top spot on the Beatport Drum & Bass Top 100 tracks after being on the playing field for about two weeks. But this E.P., isn’t about the charts, and Dimension knows this as a fact.

It’s an adventurous claim to reject the title of crossover artist when you certainly have already “crossed over” into mainstream ears, but the production style of Dimension’s new E.P. proves his adherence to this statement. Whether it’s a tongue-and-cheek title or honest tribute, “Techno” is everything but what you would automatically assume; instead of a traditional genre pairing, Dimension utilizes French vocal clips and heavy synths to maximize the size of the production. As the flanging beat and surprisingly clean synths continue with the frenetic attitude of the track, not much new territory is explored within the “meat” of the production, but this track is clearly a reflection of a fun ready-to-party track. “Techno” no-doubt struck a chord with listeners looking for the perfect head-banging material suited for larger events, but still could be played as a vibing track at smaller venues looking to extend the crowd’s energy.

“Raver” as a second track within the E.P. brings out the true grit of the duo and could possibly be more appealing to those looking for a sound synonymous with the U.K. with a more experimental drop. With a heavy bass that would hit you in the face at a live setting, Dimension utilizes narration and mantra mixed with crowd sounds to give the track a surreal push. “Raver” acts as the foil to “Techno’s” more mainstream approach, and adds a feeling of completion to the party “Techno” started. As a solid work, Raver / Techno can be a complimentary addition to anyone’s Saturday night looking to get a little dark and dirtier.

Grab “Techno” here and “Raver” here.

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