Disaszt – Trojan Horse (Feat. Coppa) [Mainframe Recordings]

by | Sep 25, 2015 | Tunes

Disaszt returns with full force to the drum and bass scene with his brand new single featuring Coppa.  Spending most of his time as the owner and label manager of Mainframe Records, it’s not very common to see the name Disaszt in the Monday morning drum and bass category on Beatport.  It is, however, a pleasant surprise when he does show up.  “Trojan Horse” might be the heaviest track I’ve ever heard from Disaszt, the production is on a level I’m not used to seeing from him (and his production is normally pretty tight), and the overall feel of the track is very different compared to some of my other favorite releases he’s put out like “Sposh”.  The track has fantastic reese bass incorporation, perfectly crafted drums, and an overall melodic flow that keeps it on its feet.  Disaszt was also kind enough to offer an instrumental of the track, alongside remixes from the powerhouse duo Telekinesis and label mates Dossa and Locuzzed.  I actually really love the instrumental version (no offense Coppa), and would encourage everyone to check out both tracks.

Overall I give the song a 7.5/10
Purchase link:  https://pro.beatport.com/release/trojan-horse/1603947

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