Disprove – Oppression (MethLab Recordings)

by | May 17, 2017 | Tunes

The masters of all things future are providing the soundtrack to your summer with an array of sonic weaponry. Methlab and Disprove join forces once more to provide a slamming EP jam picked with cutting edge music. If you have been following the leaps and bounds of progression in sound design over the past few years there is one name that you should recognize, Disprove is one of those names. At the forefront of various genres and styles he is one of the most versatile and talented producers in his class, lets hop into the title track off his “Oppression EP”

Oppression starts off with ticking percussion with an eerie creeping vibe progressing in the intro. Oppression moves in snappy and tight snares with underlying sound effects building tension creeping up your spine into a seamless drop unleashing 15 tonnes of pressure into the soundscape as groaning basslines tightens up the track with mechanical ease. A slew of various fills and effects are carefully programmed to never let the tension up from this behemoth of a groover. The atmosphere continuously morphs and fills in the void of black as the tune winds down into the break.

This is one of my favorite tracks at the moment being able to effortlessly ignite the clubs air with power. Stay tunes for more from the Oppression EP by disprove. This ones out June 6th!


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