Disrupta + Mofes – Allow It/ The Trip Feat. Haribo [Neksus Sounds]


What do you get when you put the madlads Annix and Simula? Well, you get a brand spanking new label, Neksus Sounds. Born with the idea of pushing the sound of hybrid jump up to a wider audience, the newborn label is off to a good start since September, with both Annix and Simula blessing it with a few good tunes alongside K Motionz. With this week we get the label’s 3rd release from a perfect blend of UK and Austrian flavor, Disrupta and Mofes.

Opening up the single with some deep “chill” vibes is Allow It. Full of that sweet lofi sound, the intro lulls you into a comfortable place. That is until we get into the meat of the track. Combining the low rumbling roller sound with the feel and atmosphere of a choice halftime track, this track pure underground energy. With perfect synthesis of classic synth sounds and perfect modulation, the warm bass fills the speakers in an almost percussive way, which matches well with the actual percussion of the track. All the while the track still retains those strong down low elements with a standup bass and a snare that mimics the snapping of a jazz club. Annix and Simula wanted to push the sound of hybrid jump up, and this is a perfect example of it.

But remember everyone never skip out on the b-side; The Trip does not slack off. With an ominous start, the track opens with airy sounds and rumbling bass with chiming keys. The tracks take a shift with the dark bars spat by Haribo in spectacular fashion. The meat of the track grooves on with steady drums a bassline that shifts from warm bass to a broken metallic sound that gives it a perfect dynamic. With strong underground sounds, that cheeky jump up vibe, and fabulous lyrical work, this track will take you on a trip.

Disrupta and Mofes show the type of caliber that is sure to found on Neksus Sound from the times to come. Be sure to see what these producers and the label are going to release. And make sure you get a copy of this one for sure.






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