DIS:TURBED X Rezin – Second Nature Ft. Prophecy [Twisted Sounds Audio]

by | Mar 11, 2020 | Tunes

Thankfully, there is never a shortage in drum and bass of producers pushing the envelope, trying new things, and challenging the established notions of what a track should be. Twisted Sounds Audio is a newly established label that is already delivering a blistering number of tunes that cater to this notion; DIS:TURBED is a newer DnB act that has been turning heads with a signature production style. His new track with Rezin entitled, “Second Nature Ft. Prophecy,” is a seriously heavyweight tune that blends classic elements of DnB while dropping a number of cutting-edge insights into the genre as well.

Beginning with sporadic clacks of a hi hat, ominous atmospherics, and a stuttering fuzzy bassline, it sets the stage for the monstrous beat and vocal stylings of Prophecy MC perfectly. As it all fuses together and the rhythm gets fully underway, you’re left with that pleasurable anxiety that comes before a drop; when the drop happens, its massive as rather than the bass drop being the only source of  heaviness, each element has been carefully selected and blended to create the overall hit the track possesses. The snare is especially noticeable in this, as it’s very present in the track yet is layered with all the elements just right.

In addition, the manner in which the full force of the song constantly gets pulled in and out creates a constant dynamic of tension and release that is rarely seen, and makes this track sound fresh and unique. The lurching swing of the track creates a surging momentum the vocals play off of well, which serves to make this a challenging yet dancefloor friendly track – it’s certainly easy to picture a crowd getting surprised with this number and going out of control as a result.

Out now as part of the free Twisted Sounds LP, there is no reason not to grab this killer track for yourself ASAP!!





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