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Has any label in drum and bass been more daring than DeVice in 2021? Just over a year in the game this label came out swinging and has been stacking our libraries with the most desirable tunes to turn the floor into a sea of motion in every way imaginable. With focus on quality over quantity DeVice has remained consistent with the release schedule without oversaturation of their own market as they continue to pump out mind boggling, genre bending tunes that push the limits from familiar artists on the label and those rising in the ranks of drum and bass.

Spanning the sub-genres of drum and bass DeVice has delivered dangerous DJ weapons of mass destruction covering everything from dark and dirty growling basslines to upbeat, energetic dance floor ballads while continuing to tease modern jungle vibes and furious MC flares into their catalogue as well. 2021 also presented ‘Exposed 001’ – an entire LP of the freshest DeVice sounds pounding with intensity and emotion to turn up the heat in the dance. Let’s get deeper into the 2021 library now!

Soft melodies and epic atmospherics caress the floor with smooth basslines and a hint of vocal in S9’s “Get It Right”. 

Breakbeats galore pour through this fun, energetic number from Stanton Warriors & Rene Lavice. “Jump” ft. Knytro and Deadly rides a thick, broken groove to get the dance floor to move!

Halflight’s “All I Need” expresses emotion through voluptuous vocals pulling the dance floor into a new place in space and time. Contrasting energy in the VIP brings a powerful bassline to balance the ballad, either selection will strike sentimentality in the mix.


Jumpy melodies and in your face energy shoots Aktive’s “Higher” straight to the top with its relentless dancefloor vibe.

“Darkness” from Rene Lavice supplies dark, broken basslines and a sinister vibe.

“Budz” is another of Rene’s from the darker side of drum and bass. Solid, screaming basslines intertwine with a drum pattern only Rene could design, growling through the mix with flare!

If you’re after a solid dance floor ballad with a big dance floor vibe Lee Mvtthews “In A Moment” ft. Watson hits the sweet spot with a twist of dub this one will rile the club up!

Groovy and smooth, a serene symphony of sound makes Rene Lavice & Ayah Marar’s “Good Life” pull the crowd.

“Puppet” from Kleu is aggressive in every way from the blasting bass to the vocals and overall vibe. “Searching” grows just as powerful in its own right with the dancefloor devouring bassline and beautifully blasting vocalizations that demand attention to the last note its dirty and divine bringing emotion to the mix every time.

Check out the full feature on the‘Puppet EP’.

Brutal dance floor drive controls “Raw” from Trei, North Base and Dima Pulsar ft. Dynamite MC. Steady energy makes this a top pick for the DJ arsenal it’s definitely one of a kind!

“All I Have” from Georgia Phoenix is bubbly and bassy while “Express Yourself” drives on deep drops in the bassline broken by precisely patterned drums and spine tingling atmospherics; both slap in the mix pushing the bins to the max as they dip and wind.

“Move Me” from Night Shift volleys between dangerously dark basslines and wild horns creating a smooth balance for a unique mix.

Aktive’s “Touch” grinds to the point with devious dancefloor screaming on high end melodies and a groove all its own.

A pair of tracks from S9 “Ternion” and “Turn It Up” whip the floor into motion in the most aggressive fashion with their deviously designed basslines and chaotic darkness oozing from every angle. Check out the full feature on this one!

A very technical piece from Qumulus pairs soft keys with growling basslines for a total vibe in “Heart of Darkness”. 

Raw energy keeps the floor alive when Georgia Phoenix, 2Shy MC& Akas “Oldskool Newskool” drops in the mix to send the dance into a frenzy. No doubt one of the most memorable tracks of 2021 “Oldskool Newskool” will appease all the dnb heads!

Firey vocals fly in Modulizer’s “Scatter Dem” ft. Riko Dan combined with a murky, jungle influenced vibe flip the mix into a dangerous journey into the darker side.

Aktive “What I Need” ft. Aleya Mae is another dance floor dazzler with its compelling vocal and sparkling, dynamic energy for a feel good, warm and happy vibe.

DEVICE EXPOSED 001 stacked our libraries with the freshest tracks from the heavy hitters on DeVice and new talent abound. So many stellar selections that dance into the DJ arsenals worldwide this is one LP not to miss!

Unapologetically insincere Lee Mvtthews “Come Down” ft. PRINS weaves well rounded verses into roaring basslines and mystifying melodies making this a well rounded track with big energy for the mix!

Rene Lavice’s “Skreech” is bouncy, growly and wobbly pounding through the phrases with killer accents bringing color and flavor to the mix.

Freeze UK wrapped up the DeVice 2021 catalog with “Dubplate 95” and “Dreaming of You” a pair to take us back in time with evident jungle influence, daring bass design and a nostalgic groove keeping the mix on the move.

Check out the DeVice catalog on Beatport for the full collection!

2021 may be coming to a close but the future is beaming for DeVice and Best Drum and Bass will continue to keep you up to date with this label and much more in 2022! Happy New Year Best Drum and Bass fam!!


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