DJ Hybrid- ‘Takeover EP (Part 2)’ [Audio Addict Records]


The ‘Takeover EP (Part 2)’ from DJ Hybrid is out now on Audio Addict Records and is stacked with six tracks full of diverse drum and bass flavor fusing elements from sub genres across the board to deliver an EP full of thumping basslines united with sic jungle vibes. Voted ‘Best Producer’ last year at the We Love Jungle Awards DJ Hybrid is the mastermind behind both Audio Addict Records and Deep in the Jungle Records in addition to releasing tracks across other major labels in drum and bass. Dedicated to reinstating original Jungle sounds into the modern era of drum and bass production techniques DJ Hybrid now brings us the ‘Takeover EP (Part 2)’ which is a formidable example of what comes from the vital movement of merging the old with the new.

Diving right in the EP kicks off with “Take A Look” from DJ Hybrid & RMS, a serious Reggae Jungle track sprinkled with thick roller vibes. Bouncing between upbeat vocal samples, deep rumbling basslines, classic backspin cuts and clean broken beats “Take A Look” packs a punch!

“Rapture” is an absolute masterpiece of modern Jungle music sustaining a heavy old skool vibe straight from the start. A soft female vocal ‘I love you’ is riddled throughout the composition; sparse yet captivating like a shred of light as we roll through the thickest jungle immersed in dark euphoric basslines and meticulous utilization of the most wicked amen breaks. “Rapture” is exhilarating and brings new life to Jungle music. This is one to bring back from the top; that drop will leave the floor dying for more!

“Crouching Tiger Fist” and “Swordplay” are a mean pair of rollers; both intriguing in their own right with clean, banging beats, snippets of vocal samples and eccentric, bouncy basslines. “Swordplay” combines a bit more of a jumpy, rolling vibe over a deep rumbling bassline while “Crouching Tiger Fist” is a bit more twisted and mechanical; a solid set of selections to keep the mix flowing and the floor in motion.

“Boom Ting” Feat. Carasel (Warhead Remix) is hype and fun! This one is sure to knock the crowd about easing in with Carasel’s vocal ‘make the crowd shout boom’ echoing in swift repetition til the snares kick and it’s time to ‘crank it up loud’ at the drop with a fresh, new age jungle vibe. It bounces intensely with serious dark basslines yet as thick as it is there’s still ample room for creativity in the mix; it’s a really fun tune to play and obvious choice to engage the dance floor.

Rounding out the EP is the “Takeover” (VIP Mix); a riveting blend of old skool jungle, new age roller and a slight hint of jump up influence this tune in a big way. Deep subs echo between upbeat horns and flavorful old school cuts; the evolution of jungle music is very evident on this track. “Takeover (VIP Mix)” is ominous and full of depth, perfect for a darker jungle set.

All in all ‘Takeover EP (Part 2) is a well rounded release of top quality jungle and drum and bass tunes that push the compound sounds of the distinctive Hybrid technique. Buy your copy of DJ Hybrid’s ‘Takeover EP (Part 2)’ here:  Takeover EP (Part 2) on Juno


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