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DJ L (Dakota Locke) is set to launch his introductory release on Viral-Mental Records and this Canadian Junglist is primed to make a lasting impression with his 2 track debut. “Bad Boy Sound” and “Jungle T” are available worldwide the 22nd of November and the excitement is building for DJ L as his tracks are already earning big support in the Jungle scene.

“Bad Boy Sound” and “Jungle T” are sure to catch your ear from the first play each with its own unique style while remaining true to the classic jungle sound. The intro is full of flavor as we journey to the monster drop in “Bad Boy Sound” showcasing an earth shattering bassline under intense broken jungle beats. “Jungle T” builds in suspense upon an atmospheric intro and the drop is a bit busier and more upbeat as the bassline climbs and sinks with fury. DJ L makes effective use of percussive flares and effects in both tracks while maintaining balance for consistency in the mix. His old school jungle influence is evident and these are essential selections that cannot be missed!

DJ L is one of the most motivated and passionate people I have the pleasure to know because of Jungle/Drum & Bass. Behind the decks since 2004 anyone in his circle would say its clear Jungle music runs through his veins. He is consistent with a positive attitude and always supportive of his peers in the scene. DJ L’s determination is something to be admired and big things are in the future for this junglist soldier. I had the opportunity to ask him a few questions about his experiences so far and what’s to come as he takes the next step in his musical career. Let’s get to know the one like DJ L!

DJ L: RUN DNB (CA) – Viral-Mental Records (UK) – Bedlam Radio (UK) – Basskicks (UK)

Q:  “What drew you to Jungle music?  Tell us about your first experience with this sound.”

A:  “The first time I heard jungle music I was 11 years old and I heard ‘Olive – Outlaw  (Roni Size Remix), I fell in love right away. Before this I was into hiphop and rap and I can definitely hear my hiphop past in my jungle mixing these days.”

Q:  “How long have you been DJ’ing? What got you started on that path?”

A:   “I started DJ’ing in 2004. I found 1 Numark belt-drive turntable on the side of the road. It was just gleaming so bright in the sunshine – I couldn’t leave it . I took it home and hooked it up to an old fender bass amp. “

“I then borrowed 3 house records from a mate of mine and had the turntable of the left while I beat matched the records I had to a small radio on my right side. I did this for about a year. It really helped with beat matching because I had no control of the radio other than volume cuts. After a year, I had 2 decks and a mixer and the rest is history”

Q:  “When did you make the decision to start producing tunes of your own?

A:   “I have dabbled in production over my career but I started to take it more seriously this past  June. I had the overwhelming feeling that the time has come for me to really get into production. I have been wanting to get more into production for years but feel this is the best time.”

Q:  “Tell us about your new relationship with Viral-Mental Records! How does it feel to be signed and ready to drop your first release?”

A:   “I have known the owner of Viral-mental Records (VMR) *shout outs @james and management.* for going on 7 to 8 years now. I’ve been blessed to be on their mailing list and played alot of VMR releases I was sent at events all over.”

“For me , being signed as an artist to any label is absolutely amazing. but being signed to VMR is special because I know most of the artist roster and have built very close ties with this label and roster over the span of my career”

“I am so excited for my debut release. (November 22nd, 2019) I have received amazing support from my peers and have been blessed to have it played in some excellent venues in UK and other places. Truly a blessing”

Q:  “Where do you draw your influences for production? Musical influences, personal influences or things outside of music.”

A:  “My biggest influences for production are Marcus Visionary, Benny Page, Potential badboy and Bladerunner”

“I am also heavily influenced by countless others not involved with the jungle scene but I find that anyone that is true to their craft and disciplined in their lives are my inspirations.”

Q:  “If you could collaborate on a track with any artist who would it be?”

A:  “If I could collab with any artist, it would have to be Marcus Visionary. I love his unique style and approach with his tracks. I would love to hear our styles mixed together in a track”

Q:  “How about 3 tunes you couldn’t live without in your personal library?”

A:   “This question is a hard one. I have so many tunes that I have loved playing over the years. If I had to choose just 3 tunes that I couldn’t live without. They would be:

  1. Benny Page feat. Mr.Williams – Top Rank Skank
  2. REDS feat. Delhi Sultanate – Fever (Marcus Visionary Remix)
  3. Top Cat – Late Night Kung Fu (Serum Remix)

Q:  “What is in store for DJ L? Tell us about your goals for the next few years!”

A:   “I have my first UK tour coming up November/December of this year and I am so excited for it. I will have my first EP coming out summer 2020 on Viral-Mental Records. I will also be going on a 10 city tour of western USA in March/April and back to the UK for my 2nd tour in May/June 2020. I also hope to be going to Perth, Australia and NZ at the end of the summer.”

“Over the next few years, I hope to be at a stage in my career that I can be proud of. I also have the idea of starting some sort of Music – DJ’ing – Production non-profit community program for under privileged or foster cared teens.”

“I’ve had a lot of people help me along my journey. The least I can do is exactly that – Help where its wanted and needed and most importantly, be someone that can make a positive impact.”

I appreciate DJ L taking the time for some Q&A and wish him all the best for a very successful future as he works toward his dreams. Be sure to pick up your copies of “Bad Boy Sound” and “Jungle T” this November on Viral-Mental Records. Keep up on all the latest with DJ L:

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