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Oooiiiiiiiii!!!!!! I hope everyone had a great weekend raving, dancing, or just taking it easy with the family!! It’s Monday, so I’m back, and this week with one of my favorite DJ’s and Producers. DJ Marky and Innerground Records last week dropped us a two track LP. For those of you that are new to the DnB scene, DJ Marky is an old school legend. He is from Sao Paulo, Brazil and you can hear that South American flavor in his soulful production style. He is also known for his scratching style the world over. If you ever get a chance to see him live…DO IT! Lets dive in to these new tracks.
The first track is called Should I and from the get go it has DJ Marky written all over it! It starts off with that South American flavor and rolls right into a smooth soulful beat. When it drops we get a smooth lovely vocal sample and what feels like a Liquid bassline. As the track grows we get an old school vibe with the use of the highs the Brazilian lays down for us. There are points in this track that it almost feels like a VIP due to how the highs come in and out. This track is sexy and we will hear this track played during day time parties for the rest of the summer!
Love Break is the other side of this LP. Again you have the unmistakable DJ Marky Brazilian flavor. You hear this in the melody he uses and how the track builds. Again, the highs are so him and at times feel almost VIP-ish. We get a nice liquid style bassline that changes throughout. This is another sexy beach or pool party time track from DJ Marky. Love Break has this Liquid feel to it as well but slightly more aggressive highs and beat. I like the changes on the 2nd half of the track with the bassline that gives it a different feel then a liquid track for the end of Love Break
Over all DJ Marky and Innerground rarely disappoint and these two track are no exception. These tracks are soulful, sexy, rhythmic, funky and you can feel that Brazilian / South American flavor that DJ Marky always brings to the DnB Scene in his original productions. These tracks can be mixed so many different ways and I promise you, everyone is going to be dropping these for the rest of the summer!

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