DJ Rap & David Boomah – Let It All Go – Propa Talent

by | Mar 12, 2024 | Tunes

Happy Tuesday D&B Heads!  Not long until the weekend….!  We hope anyway! 

Right, so this time we have something from DJ Rap’s label, Propa Talent from the great mind of DJ Rap herself and David Boomah.  What an exiciting release this is!

The tune builds with an awesome sublt bassline which starts to creep in with some increasing power as the brilliant vocal gets you right in the feels as it just oozes atmosphere to the drop.   The drop itself is a heavy jumpy affair which gets you leaping up out of your seat.  When it brings that vocal back in, you’re so far in the zone you are buzzing!

Buying the release gets you a Dub Mix which is quality and then instrumental versions of the Dub and Original mix.  I wouldn’t recommend those though, even though superbly produced, you miss out on those amazing vocals which compliment the tune so well!

This stunning release is out now so click the artwork below to take you to a purchase page!


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Absolute D&B nut! Love any type of Drum & Bass really but Neuro is my main passion. I got into D&B back in around 2004 where I started going raving, I then discovered heavier D&B in the form of Renegade Hardware nights in London which I attended almost every one for several years. Having developed my listening style with how the music has evolved I love the freshest tunes as well as the old ones! I've been mixing for fun since around 2005 and just love playing in front of people and sharing the music with likeminded people.