DJ Sly & Swifta – Squeeze [Levels Records]

by | Sep 12, 2018 | Tunes

Almost a week ago, DJ Sly released a strange-yet-deeply satisfying hip-hop-tinged romp with British artist Swifta called “Squeeze,” (released on Levels Records) lyrically juxtaposing the theme of great squats equaling a great backside, with some classic DnB breakdowns displaying new-school vibes.

While most of the darker tracks covered in the past don’t expand much on vocals beyond small samples scattered throughout, DJ Sly shows no hesitation when displaying the pomp-and-circumstance Swifta is vocally known for. The odd-ball progressive breakdown highlights itself without much help, but the continued, undeniably British zeal brought on by Swifta’s contributions will give any stateside DnB fan a run for their money in this break of monotony. The harsh synths found in the breakdown have no issue melding with the hip-hop vibrations in-between the famous question, “excuse me, do you do squats with that booty?!”

The eventual breakdown leads into softer, glitchy hip-hop synths backing Swifta’s later verse in the 3:20 mark and retains the same energy the track began with. While the breakdown may include some elements considered unconventional for those used to their regional sounds, DJ Sly and Swifta have managed to combine the rough-and-tough brighter elements of Western European / UK DnB with dastardly, rough synths which play off of the cheekier elements. As serious as the instrumental composition can get, “Squeeze” is a fine example of when Drum n Bass collides with the world of comedy. Shedding the skin of former predecessors who have objectified the backside, “Squeeze” only seeks to loudly compliment the host of said-booty; the boisterous tone of Swifta reminding us of the “Squeeze”  mantra throughout shows us that cheeky humor isn’t solely reserved for trap and the other much-maligned mainstream subgenres of the electronic music world. DJ Sly and Swifta have no issue letting the ladies know how they really feel.

Grab “Squeeze” by DJ Sly and Swifta here.

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